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by:Hommy     2020-07-12
Fresh freezer with existing cavity type vacuum packing machine and the breathing pattern compared to vacuum packaging machine, modified atmosphere machine by circuit board, frame, the valve plate, sealing mechanism, exhaust tube, control panel, under seal of lever mechanism, workbench, vacuum pump. On the sealing mechanism and the thrust device sealing mechanism under the air bags were used respectively to the gas chamber structure. Has a simple structure, low interest, convenient operation, high efficiency, saving gas gas gas, has the characteristics of a variety of sealing function. The fresh freezer is particularly suitable for need of food, drugs, hardware and electronic components and other items for vacuum or vacuum packaging manufacturers and individuals to use. Fresh freezers vaporization ( Water freezes and becomes gas) Is the heat absorption capacity; Liquefaction ( Steam into water) Is heat, refrigerator and the working principle of air conditioning is the same as ( The low temperature low pressure) Refrigerant ( Gas) → Compressor & rarr; ( Liquefaction) Liquid refrigerant ( High temperature and high pressure) → Radiator ( The surface of the refrigerator heat out) → Liquid refrigerant ( Low temperature high pressure) → Capillary & rarr; The fridge evaporator ( Around the walls of the copper pipe) Gasification is endothermic & rarr; The refrigerator temperature will drop & rarr; ( Gasification) Refrigerant ( The low temperature low pressure) → Compressor like this in the bins after cycle heat price for refrigerant mass moving outward. The continuous box food gas switch installed using the gas replacement and filling film wrapping package, cutting vegetables on international limited chi modified atmosphere packaging technology research for nearly 10 years of history. This way of working will consume large amounts of gas and packing material. Modified atmosphere through the pilot study, freezers finalize the design and prototype manufacture, and can be put on the market. The effect of application of agricultural and sideline products deep processing enterprises, including fruits and vegetables, livestock and poultry and aquatic products fresh products and processing cooked products of modified atmosphere packaging; Application of safe sex is good. Due to factors such as interest on technology and equipment operation, the actual application scope is limited to local high value-added processing of agricultural and sideline products, domestic market has just started, large-scale production enterprise is not much, affected the results of the current application, but compared with foreign similar preservation freezer type can reduce packaging capital, can improve the market competitiveness. Fresh freezers including, air compressor, air pipe, solenoid valve, with food such as plastic or composite film bag of sterile vacuum packing of asepsis fresh machine. Main characteristic is also includes air filter, storage tank of ozone, ozone generator, sterile vacuum chamber and electric heat sealing machine, the aeration with suction mouth mouth, insert the packing bag of food, filling the after a certain amount of ozone disinfection, sterilization, extracted from ozone to vacuum, sealing at the same time, the packaging machine has simple structure, low interest rates, the applicability is wide and long storage and freshness, suitable for fruits, vegetables, fish and other food processing sector. Fresh freezer can ensure food original taste, flavor, fresh machine is vacuum packaging machine, nitrogen filling packaging machine on the basis of the research and development of a new food fresh-keeping packaging equipment. Its biggest characteristic is to solve the vacuum packing food taste taste after high temperature sterilization damage is bigger, nitrogen-filled packaging requirements aseptic packaging and the lack of investment is larger. Through the composite packaging. To ensure the food of the original, original.
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