What is the use of ice cream machine?

by:Hommy     2019-12-06
  1.  Pour the whipped cream into the container and beat it to seven minutes with a blender.

      2.  Add milk to the cream of seven cents. 

      3.  Put the washed and cut kiwi fruit and sugar together, and stir the mixture evenly. 

     4.  Slowly pour the ice cream into the ice bucket and start the ice cream switch. 

     5, about 20 minutes after the ice cream is roughly completed. 

     6, you can use the mold to make your favorite shape, or take it directly, put it into the container, you can eat it. The picture is provided by the registered user 'top fire', copyright statement feedback, how to clean the household ice cream machine, two cleaning barrels, sterilized stainless steel covered slurry collection tank, brush, cleaning agent, cleaning towel, steps, the first step is to discharge slurry from the freezing cylinder.  

    1.  Press the stop key to cancel the operation of the compressor and stirring motor. 2.  Press the pre-cooling key to stop the pre-cooling compressor. 3.  Remove the puffed tube (Puffing pump)Wait for the parts to be cleaned in the pool. 4.  Place the sterilized stainless steel barrel at the discharge port, press the cleaning button and pull the discharge handle. Discharge the remaining slurry in the freezing cylinder and the feed basin.  When the slurry stops flowing out, lift the discharge handle and press the stop key to stop the operation of the stirring motor, and put the produced slurry into the freezer for storage. The second step, rinse 1, pour the prepared disinfectant into the basin. 2.  When the cleaning liquid flows into the freezing cylinder, clean the feed basin, level gauge and feed inlet with a brush. 3.  Press the cleaning key, which will start stirring the cleaning liquid in the freezer. 4.  Place an empty bucket under the discharge port, pull down the discharge handle, and release all the solution. 5.  Press the stop button to stop the mixing motor. The third step, cleaning 1, turn off the power switch, confirm that all the indicators on the control panel are in the off state. 2.  Remove the fastening nut, liquid outlet valve, stirrer, sealing sleeve and other accessories, and take these parts to the pool for cleaning. 3.  Remove the waste collection box and clean it. 4.  Put the cleaned parts on a clean and dry surface to dry. 5.  Wipe all the outer surfaces of the ice cream machine.                                

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