What is the profit of fried yogurt

by:Hommy     2020-05-18
I wonder if consumers have heard of fried yogurt? In the current market, fried yogurt is loved by more and more consumers, because fried yogurt is inherently nutritious and healthy, coupled with the sweet and soft taste of ice cream, it is suitable for consumers at all stages. Did you smell the business opportunity to get rich? Just have ideas, but do n’t know how much profit you can earn by joining this industry? It doesn't matter, today the editor will use the profit of fried yogurt as an example to illustrate, so that after a certain understanding, franchisees can rest assured to join the investment project. 1. What is the profit of fried yogurt Stir-fried yoghurt is made of yoghurt as the main raw material, supplemented with nuts, fresh fruits and other accessories. It is quickly cooled and solidified by the frying ice machine. The fried yoghurt has the nutritional health effect of yoghurt and the smoothness of ice cream. It is suitable for all ages. Consumer group. Now the market is very popular with the investment and joining of the industry of fried yoghurt. Fried yoghurt is a food that is particularly good for the health of consumers. 1. Its cost is mainly composed of a pack of yogurt, some peanuts and raisins, cups and spoons, and jam, and then the editor will introduce their respective prices in turn according to market conditions, yogurt is 1.5 yuan, peanuts and raisins are 0.7 Yuan, cup and spoon are 0.2 yuan, jam is 0.5 yuan. It can be seen that the cost of a cup of fried yogurt is 1.5 + 0.7 + 0.2 + 0.5 = 2.9 yuan. If other ingredients are added, the cost will increase, but it basically fluctuates between 2.9-3.5 yuan. 2. Therefore, through the comparison of these materials, we can know that a cup of fried yogurt can earn 4.1 yuan, and this is still at least profitable. If the entrepreneurs used the method of joining in the fried yogurt business, it will spend less on raw materials, which means that its profit margin will be greater and the money it can make will be more, and With all kinds of support, this more money is still going on, not a flash in the pan. So comprehensively, fried yogurt can make money, but if you want to continue to make more money, then joining is a good choice. After reading the relevant answers about how much profit the fried yogurt brings to everyone, I think you have your own opinions in the hearts of the investors. In fact, franchisees who do not have too much funds can consider this project because its cost is not too high, and the corresponding profit is very cost-effective. In addition, we must know that this industry can last forever, precisely because of the nutrition and health of fried yogurt, a variety of flavors, and the combination of nuts, which makes consumers of all ages love it. Now that such an opportunity has appeared in front of you, is it still a long time to consider? I missed it and don't know how long to wait.
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