What is the principle of fried yogurt machine?

by:Hommy     2019-12-08
First, the principle of the yogurt machine is what is the compressor compression refrigerant of the yogurt machine (Turn gas into liquid) After the refrigerant pressure of the gas becomes liquid under high pressure, it will release heat and dissipate heat through the heat pipe inside the yogurt machine (Equivalent to absorbing air conditioning). Then the refrigerant is released to the internal condenser of the yogurt frying machine through the expansion valve. At this time, the internal flowing refrigerant is a low-pressure liquid, and the refrigerant changes from liquid to gas to absorb heat, in this way, the temperature inside the fried yogurt pot is lowered and the function of cooling is played. Fried yogurt solidifies yogurt into pieces or slices according to the principle of rapid ice making. Ice cream that is separated from the surface of the ice maker by a shovel and then put into a bowl or cup for consumers to eat. Because the manufacturing process uses a shovel, the manufacturing action is more like cooking, so it is called fried yogurt. Second, the difference between the yogurt machine and the ice machine, the yogurt machine is also the ice machine we used before, but they are different, we all know that it is very fast to freeze with water, however, if milk is used, it will be slower than water, so their difference is that the power of the yogurt machine will be lower than that of the ice machine, the power of the yogurt machine is relatively large. Third, the yogurt machine repair yogurt machine because of the complex structure, operation trouble, generally broken, in fact, it is recommended to go to a special after-sales point maintenance, because they may not repair. However, for some simple faults, we can repair them. If the power supply is not good, you can observe whether there is a problem with the power plug or The Wire. Anyway, in a word, if the yogurt machine is broken, try to repair it at the repair point. If we repair it ourselves, it may get worse and worse. Four, fried yogurt machine use matters needing attention, fried yogurt machine in the process of use, try to reduce the number of open doors, shorten the opening time, in order to reduce the leakage of cold air, save electricity; If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by special maintenance personnel due to the need to use professional tools; Do not put your fingers, sticks, etc. into the fan of the ice porridge machine, otherwise you are in danger of injury; Do not hang the items on the door, otherwise there is a danger of dumping the freezer of the yogurt machine and falling the items; The four sides of the freezer of the fried yogurt machine are the suction outlets of the condensing machine, and the area should be kept clean to avoid dust flying and affecting the cooling effect; Do not touch the compressor of the ice porridge machine directly with your hands, otherwise you will be in danger of scalding. If the yogurt machine is not used for a long time, attention should be paid: take out all the items in the cabinet, pull out the power plug, clean the inside and outside of the freezer of the yogurt machine, clean the moisture and mildew in the cabinet, and open the cabinet door, let it be fully dry, Xiaobian warmly reminds everyone not to place the fried yogurt machine in the children's play place, so as to prevent children from straying into the cabinet and causing danger.
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