What is the principle of fried ice cream machine

by:Hommy     2020-05-17
Many people are surprised that ice cream can be fried. What is the principle of fried ice cream machine? Today, Hommy will answer you one by one. The working principle of the fried ice cream machine: This is a rapid freezing pan, which can reduce the temperature to -40 degrees Celsius in a super short time, which can ensure that the fried ice cream will not melt due to heat, but will become more and more solidification. Main raw materials: water, milk, cream, fresh fruit, crispy nuts. Production method: Use sugar and creamer and some condensed milk to pour into the frying pan under the stirring of plain water. As the temperature keeps falling, stir frying constantly, and finally it becomes the shape of ice cream, and finally add some Dried fruit, or some other decoration, fried ice cream is complete.
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