What is the ice maker?

by:Hommy     2020-07-14
One, the ice machine introduction ice machine is a kind of will be generated by refrigeration system after cooling water through the evaporator ice refrigeration equipment. Generated according to the principle of evaporator and generation is different, the shape of the ice is different also, normally according to the shape of the ice ice machine can be divided into granular ice machine, flake ice machine, plate ice machine, shell ice machine, ice machine, etc. According to the purpose and the characteristics of ice, ice is mainly divided into: shell ice, ice, ice particles, pieces of ice, Fresh water/water) , plate ice ( Fresh water/water) , transparent ice, ice water. According to the shape of the ice can be divided into: scale form flake ice machine, flake ice machine, ice machine, plate ice machine, ice machine, Eat a small piece of ice machine/industrial use large pieces of ice machine) , ice machine, granule machine, shell ice machine, bullet ice machine. Second, after you have ice machine working principle in water and electricity installation, open the power supply -> compressor start ( At the same time into the water) - - - - - -> ice tray start defrost - Start the refrigeration -> compressor Start -> fan> pumping motor starts pumping ice, when the ice reaches a certain thickness, Ice thickness control device) - - - - - -> defrosting valve plate heat - open the ice> to take off the ice, and then repeat the above action begins to ice. After the ice storage system with low temperature refrigerator, falling ice ice machine is a manger at the bottom of the ice tray, press down or off, the ice maker will not run in a few minutes, when the ice is cleared after the place, the ice maker can start the ice again. Third, ice machine USES ice machine mainly used to make ice. Basically has the following three purposes, and ice cooling, edible and artificial scenario for viewing. Ice maker in aquatic product, food, supermarkets, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical, vegetables fresh transportation, Marine fishing, laboratory, artificial ski resorts, concrete engineering and other industries widely used.
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