What is good for fried yogurt

by:Hommy     2020-05-17
Friends who have eaten fried yogurt know that fried yogurt is a delicious and nutritious gourmet product, mainly using yogurt as raw material, plus fruits, red beans and other auxiliary materials, processed by the frying ice machine and condensed into fried yogurt, the production process is simple, The taste is smooth and icy, suitable for men, women and children. Because of this, many investors want to open a fried yogurt shop, so how about the profit of fried yogurt? Stir-fried yoghurt is favored by many consumers, and the profit is considerable, but the level of profit depends on many factors, such as the initial investment cost, housing rent and other factors. Generally speaking, as long as the cost is well controlled, the profit will naturally rise slowly. Here, the editor takes a medium prefecture-level city as an example to explain in detail the profit of fried yogurt. The area of ??the fried yogurt shop is generally about 20 square meters, the rent is about 3,000 yuan per month, the staff salary is about 5,000 yuan, the decoration standard is calculated according to 500 yuan / ㎡, the raw material cost of the equipment is about 20,000, and the circulating capital is about 5,000 yuan. The input cost of the fried yogurt shop is about 40,000-50,000 yuan. Next, let's look at the profit. If the per capita consumption is 10 yuan and the daily average passenger flow is 100 people, the daily sales can reach 1,000 yuan, which is 30,000 yuan a month. Generally speaking, the gross profit margin of fried yogurt is 70% About, so, the monthly gross profit is almost 21,000 yuan, deducting the rent of water and electricity staff salary, etc., the profit is about 13,000 yuan per month, which is the income of Xiaobian for several months! The production process of fried yogurt does not require the operator to have a very high technical level, and it is easy to get started, but there are many factors that affect the profitability of the store, such as taste, service, business district, transportation and so on. But then again, the path of starting a business has always been very difficult, so whether or not to open a yoghurt shop requires entrepreneurs with perseverance and courage, in order to surmount the road and move forward bravely.
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