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by:Hommy     2020-07-13
What are the types and the difference between convenience store freezer? What are the types and the difference between convenience store freezer? General convenience store freezers are divided into two styles, one is vertical convenience store freezers, there are horizontal convenience store freezers. So what is the difference between the two freezers. With vertical well is it, or Europe type is more convenient? This is actually more you convenience store actual situation to decide. Let's learn about these two simple distinction between performance and freezers. Vertical convenience store freezers vertical convenience store there are two main ways freezer refrigeration, air cooling and two straight cold, straight cold type of low power consumption, low noise, low prices, but the slow speed of frozen food, temperature uniformity is poorer, need manual defrost. The air-filled type refrigeration speed, automatic defrost, food cold storage, temperature uniformity is good. Air-cooled, straight cold each have their own advantages, consumer convenience store the choose and buy when freezer can be combined with its own specific situation to purchase it. Vertical convenience store freezer has a built-in camera and external fission machine, built-in convenience store freezer compressor and convenience stores freezer pack together, external convenience store outside like air conditioning in the freezer compressor cooling, most built-in machine is given priority to with embedded inside the wall, can save the size of the stores. Built-in machine can carry convenience store under the freezer compressor or below, big department in a convenience store on the freezer, as good heat dissipation and can increase the capacity of convenience store freezer, now a lot of convenience store freezers are made of stainless steel plate, compressive ability is strong, strong, not out of shape. Performance: 1, using hollow toughened glass, glass surface condensation, convenience store in the freezer objects more clearly. Cabinet put oneself in another's position inside are spray color steel plate, strong corrosion resistance, durable, beautiful and easy to clean; 2, low power, energy saving save electricity, environmental protection and energy saving. Air-cooled, imported compressor, refrigeration speed; 3, large capacity, humanized design of store content wearing, classification of items separated convenient pick up; 4, can according to customer requirements change unique advertisements; 5, each door standard 6 separated layer fixed storage rack, a total of 7 layers of exhibition space; 6, a layer of isolation frame transverse seven bottles of water, the longitudinal seven bottles of water, six floors of isolation layer 7 content wearing in boiling water. A door is about 350 around the water, the estimated total put more than 1000 water; 7, can be used in the convenience store frozen drink mineral water, KTV refrigerated beer, cold tea, fruit and vegetables, industrial medical supplies, etc. ; 8, suitable for traffic larger business center, convenience stores, senior club, KTV, hospitals and industrial laboratories, fruit store etc. ; 9, internal and external fission machine is connected, for customer's freedom to choose; 10, according to the different size, visible on the market have a two-door or different departments, general specifications can be customized according to demand. The above article is derived from the snow freezers, freezer price, medical freezers, convenience stores, freezer, for details, please login: freezer at https://www. hommy。 Com free order hotline: 400 - 6300 - 692
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