What about the maximum supply of commercial ice cream making machine by Hommy per month?
With advanced production equipment, we have reliable maximum monthly production amount of commercial ice cream making machine , which enables us to serve better to you. In order to meet increasing demand over the long term, we have decided to significantly increase our production capacity. We are able to support your future growth by continuing to provide premium product in the quantity and quality you need.

Hommy Enterprise(Xinhui) Co.,LtdEnterprise (Xinhui) Co., LTD. remains engaged in the R&D and production of pizza cone maker since the day of its establishment. Hommy 's pizza cone maker series include multiple types. In order to draw definitive conclusions about the features of Hommy types of vending machines, various tests must be performed. These range from tests on moisture resistance, bending resistance and impact resistance. The product can resist hydrochloric acid corrosion. Our professional and friendly customer service team is able to solve questions about popsicle machine. When it is in a standby state, the temperature inside it will be controlled within the safety limits.

As an important part of Hommy growth, enterprise culture is a key to make our company more cohesive. Inquire online!
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