Vanilla ice cream practice

by:Hommy     2019-12-06
Vanilla ice cream, vanilla ice cream, as the name implies, is vanilla ice cream. Has a long history. Common materials are (Handmade) : Fresh milk, eggs, white sugar, solid cream and vanilla extract. If it is made by machine, use ice cream powder. Vanilla ice cream recipe, main ingredient, vanilla pod: 1/2 milk: 160 egg yolk: 2 granulated sugar: 80g light cream: 200 recipe step 1, vanilla pod split into two halves, then scrape the vanilla seeds with the tip of the knife and put the pods into the milk. 2, open a small fire, heat the milk to boiling, immediately close, cover, simmer for ten minutes. (Let the scent of vanilla fully blend into the milk) 3. Put egg yolk and granulated sugar in the basin and beat quickly to a paste close to White. 4. Add the stewed milk slowly and in a very small amount to the egg paste in the third step, and stir quickly with the other hand-held egg beater to avoid high-temperature milk turning the egg paste into egg flowers. 5. After thoroughly mixing the milk and egg paste, pour it back into the pot, heat it with a small fire, while heating, and stirring the bottom to avoid the bottom. 6. Turn off the fire when the milk paste is boiled to about 83 degrees. ( If you don't have a thermometer, you can use this method to check: After the spoon is wrapped in the milk paste, use your finger to draw a trace on the spoon and it will not disappear. ) 7. Filter into a clean large basin, cool down with ice water, cool down, and refrigerate for about 3 hours. 8, whipped cream from ice water to seven minutes. 9. Mix well with the refrigerated English sauce and pour it into the pre-frozen 12-17 hours of ice cream machine. 10. After stirring for 20 minutes, put it into a crisper and freeze it in the freezer.
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