'US McDonald's ice cream machine moldy' incident triggers network McDonald's statement to clarify

by:Hommy     2019-12-31

Recently, the 'U. S.  McDonald's ice cream machine moldy' incident set off the Internet, causing widespread concern among netizens around the world.  It is incredible that this well-known fast food chain company should have a health loophole in food production. According to media reports, the incident even triggered a 'sharp drop in McDonald's share price '. McDonald's officials immediately issued a statement to refute the rumor. The reason for the incident was that an intern found mildew in the spare parts when operating the ice cream machine. According to media reports, the employee then communicated with the manager about the matter, but was dismissed. The angry employees then uploaded the moldy pictures of the ice cream machine to the social network, causing attention and heated discussions. In the photo is an ice cream tray full of mold. The employee told reporters that he had already taken these photos with his mobile phone and wanted to make them public, but if he did so, he would definitely be fired. 

 Finally, the employee decided to share the photos.  He said in an interview with the media: 'I did this because I wanted people to know what they were eating and how disgusting it was. 'Another photo is that the floor is covered with dirty oil stains. A representative of McDonald's assured the media that McDonald's fast food chain has always been committed to managing high-quality food, services and a clean environment. The representative also pointed out, 'some tools in McDonald's that come into contact with food will be cleaned regularly and in time. 'After the news came out, it caused a lot of influence. Yesterday, China McDonald's Co. , Ltd.  also clarified the rumor on the Internet.                                

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