Unilever Talenti ice cream launches new layer-by-layer

by:Hommy     2020-04-06
March 5 According to foreign media news, Talenti ice cream, a subsidiary of consumer goods giant Unilever, launched a new series of Gelato Layers in the US market. The new collection consists of five layers of ice cream, candy and sauces. Unilever claims that the new series is the 'most innovative' product in Talenti ice cream. In 2014, Unilever acquired Talenti Gelato & Sorbetto, a low-fat ice cream company. Talenti is a well-known 'Gelato' (Italian ice cream) brand. Founded in 2003, it is one of the most popular canned ice cream companies in the United States. What can be called 'Gelato' must not be simple ordinary ice cream, but fresh, low-heat, low-fat, low-sugar, delicate and dense, creative, and can only be regarded as the classic in ice cream-'Gelato'. The Talenti Gelato Layers ice cream range is available in seven flavors, including: vanilla fudge cookies, salted caramel truffles, chocolate cherry cheesecake, blackberry vanilla parfait, peanut butter vanilla fudge, mint fudge cookies, and dark chocolate cherries. Talenti founder Josh Hochschuler said: 'Talenti Gelato Layers truly makes our commitment to craftsmanship a reality.' 'Each Talenti Layers recipe is hand-crafted, using premium ingredients from around the world. Talenti Layers is committed to providing fans with a new dining experience that will indulge them in every layer.' Leslie Miller, marketing director for Unilever Ice Cream, added, 'The Talenti Layers collection is the most innovative and creative of the Talenti product line. 'We create a unique experience for consumers and can't wait for our fans to taste Talenti in a whole new way.' This series of products is already in the United States, with a suggested retail price of $ 5 to $ 6.49 per can. With the addition of new products, the Talenti product portfolio includes 47 flavors of gelatos and sorbettos. In January this year, Unilever Talenti launched a new line of all-organic ingredients in Italian ice cream. There are four flavors to choose from in the new collection: matcha ginger, oak aged vanilla, chocolate mousse and butter caramel. They cost $ 5.49 to $ 6.49. In addition, the Talenti ice cream low sugar series has also added a new lemon cube tower ice cream flavor new product, due to the addition of Luo Han Guo, the new product has increased sweetness. Each can sells for about $ 4.49 to $ 5.49.
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