Top 10 ice cream rankings in the world

by:Hommy     2019-12-31
1. Haagen-Dazs Haagen- Dazs this picture is loved by registered user ~ Love play' provided, copyright statement feedback, Haagen-Dazs is an American ice cream brand, successfully developed in 1921, listed in 1962, and acquired by Nestle in 2002. Haagen-Dazs is still the top ice cream brand in the world. It has a wide range of sales markets in all countries of the world and has more than 700 branches in 54 countries or regions. In addition, in terms of market share: US 6. 1%, UK 3. 5%, France 1%, Japan 4. 6%, Singapore 4%, Hong Kong 5%, South Korea less than 1%. Haagen-Dazs is always one of the favorites of sweet food lovers. Its products include ice cream, ice cream strips, snow flowers and frozen cheese. 2. Cool stone cold stone cool STONE is the first cool STONE ice cream shop opened by its founders Donald and Susan in the United States in 1988. At present, its branches have exceeded 1500 in the world. Kusheng Stone entered the Chinese market in 2006. With hundreds and thousands of customized ice creams, the perfect ice cream experience has been talked about by all ice cream lovers, with more than 400 thousand people experiencing kusheng stone all over the world every day. Classic models include Paris strawberry chansons, birthday Rhapsody, Moji coffee, cool stone favorites, Boston cream pie, Candy Park and more. What's more interesting is that you can see cool performances when you buy. 3. vivoli gelato, Italy, is a dessert representative of Italy. The Vivoli family opened an ice cream shop in 1929, the Vivoli family has been making the Italian vivoli gelato ice cream that is now famous since then. Vivoli gelato has a rich and soft taste. Each taste is carefully prepared with fresh raw materials. All the ingredients are seasonal fruits, natural nuts, milk, eggs, etc. , without any additives, from fresh lemon to Italian bitter apricot, there are many flavors of mousse. 4. COPPELIA, Cuba, was founded by ice cream enthusiast Fidel in 1966. At the beginning of its establishment, it offered up to 26 flavors and had a very rich choice. Nowadays, there may be few people who have heard of it, but COPPELIA is almost the representative of ice cream in Cuba. Almost every town has a COPPELIA ice cream shop, and the daily diners are endless, its brand also appeared in the movie strawberry and chocolate. Today's COPPELIA is not only a famous ice cream brand, but also a large ice cream shop in Cuba's Coppelia Park, which can accommodate up to 30 thousand people a day. 5. American Dairy Queen was born in the United States in 1938. Its founder is McCullough, a first-class ice cream manufacturer and seller. In 1938, American McCullough tried to make new ice cream products. After many attempts, the first Dairy Queen ice cream shop opened in 1940 in Joliet, Illinois. Since the founder McCullough likes to call the cow 'The Queen of the Dairy industry', the ice cream is also named after the Dairy Queen. At present, Dairy Queen has opened more than 5600 chain stores in more than 10 countries around the world. The famous Blizzard/waffle Supreme series is its star product. 6. Heluxue Wall's heluxue is a famous British ice cream enterprise, which was established earlier, but it was not until it was acquired by Unilever in 1922 that it officially produced ice cream. Currently, it has many branches in the world. In fact, Unilever has a long history of producing ice cream and is the world's largest ice cream producer. What heluxue has to do is to inherit, innovate and improve. For a long time, he Luxue has enjoyed the reputation of 'ice cream expert' in the world, has been committed to providing consumers with more delicious ice cream, and has adhered to the diversified development route, its ice cream not only has many varieties and tastes very pleasing, but also is affordable. 7. New Zealand Tip Top ice cream is one of New Zealand's national brands. It was founded in 1936. Although all New Zealanders have a population of only about 4. 8 million, they eat 40 million litres of TipTop ice cream a year, the combat effectiveness is still very strong. Today, Tip Top ice cream has opened a branch in China. Due to its fine practices, the price is not cheap. After all, all its raw materials are fresh milk, cream and fresh fruit from New Zealand, therefore, Tip Top ice cream also has very reliable health. Because only naturally extracted pigments and spices are used, children, pregnant women and the elderly can eat it safely. 8. Meiji ice cream Meiji Dairy was born in Japan in 1917. It is a food enterprise with a history of years. Meiji Dairy has always maintained its aim of being more delicious, healthy and nutritious, successfully launched a variety of products centered on 'dairy', of which Meiji ice cream has a history of more than 80 years, with a wide variety of varieties of more than 40. The group has a long history of a hundred years. The Meiji ice cream produced by the group is exquisite and delicate, and the quality is safe and secure. It is well received and loved by people all over the world, the most popular ones are Uji Kim, Hokkaido red bean, Shizuoka strawberry, Millet red bean, torch modern and so on. 9. France BERTHILION is a famous ice cream brand in France. It is very popular in the mainland. If you travel to France, BERTHILION must not miss it. As an authentic French ice cream culture, BERTHILION ice cream has a delicate taste, pure taste, rich in a variety of healthy nutrients and a wide variety of varieties, with up to 50 kinds of free choices. Now BERTHILION's branches are all over Paris, France, but to say the best, it is the flagship store in St. Louis. 10. RON's GOURMET is a famous American ice cream brand with 32 kinds of flavors to choose from, some of them even change with the seasons. The same kind of ice cream can be eaten in a variety of styles in a year, such as spring, summer, winter, etc, it is delicious and fun at the same time. To say the most popular, it is nut chocolate cake ice cream mainly made of RON's GOURMET homemade vanilla ice cream mixed with baked brownies.
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