The use of ice machine skills

by:Hommy     2020-07-08
1, ice machine put the position to stay away from heat source, without direct sunlight, need to be well ventilated, surrounding the environment temperature cannot be lower than 5 ℃, should not be more than 35 ℃, in order to prevent the high temperature lead to adverse, condenser heat dissipation effect ice effect. 2, put the ice maker, the ground should be solid level off, the ice machine must keep level, otherwise it will lead to not to take off the ice and noise when running. About 3, ice-making machine back and side clearance of not less than 15 cm, tip clearance is not less than 60 cm. 4, ice maker should use independent power supply, special power supply and equipped with fuse and leakage protection switch, and should be reliable grounding, voltage fluctuation may not exceed the rated voltage of plus or minus 10%. 。 5, water ice machine should use local drinking water standard, and install filters, etc. , to remove the impurities in water, avoid blocking pipe, pollution of water tank and ice ice and affect system performance. The lowest water temperature 2 ℃, the highest no more than 35 ℃, water pressure minimum 0. 02 mpa, highest 0. 8Mpa。 6, should turn off the power when cleaning the ice maker, forbidden pointed directly at the fuselage flush with the plastic pipe, application of neutral detergent scrub, it is forbidden to use acid, alkali and other corrosive solvent to clean. 7, ice machine must be two months into the hose tube head, fill valve filter cleaning, avoid the water sand mud impurities clogging inlet, caused by water inflow decrescent, ice. 8, ice machine must be every two months to clean the condenser surface dust, bad condensation heat can cause compressor damage of components. Clean, use a vacuum cleaner, small hair brush, such as cleaning oil condensation surface dust, cannot use sharp metal tools clean, in order to avoid damage to the condenser. 9, water ice machine, sink, refrigerator storage and protection film should be cleaned once every two months. 10, ice machine when not in use, shall be clean, dry ice mold and moisture contents, and hair dryer in non-corrosive gases and ventilated dry place, avoid in open air. 11, when transporting ice machine should be handled with great care, to prevent violent vibration, handling Angle cannot be less than 45 degrees, after long-distance transportation, ice machine should be placed 2 - 6 hours can open mechanism of ice.
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