The soft ice cream industry urgently needs high-performance domestic molding equipment

by:Hommy     2019-12-06
Soft ice cream is a delicious and emotional cold food product with great market space. However, the defects of molding equipment have affected the production of high-grade soft ice cream in China. Relevant people believe that China's food equipment enterprises should intensify innovation and develop high-performance domestic soft ice cream molding machines as soon as possible to promote the healthy development of the soft ice cream industry. In high-grade soft ice cream slurry, milk, butter, sugar and other ingredients account for a larger proportion, while colloid, other additives, water and other ingredients account for a smaller proportion, the soft ice cream made from this soft ice cream slurry has high swelling rate, smooth taste and rich nutrition. The reporter also learned from other channels that the soft ice cream slurry produced with good raw materials is not well formed, and there are common problems in many ice cream machine companies. Moreover, this problem existed in the 1980s S. At that time, some foreign high-grade soft ice cream slurry manufacturers planned to push their products to China in batches, but during the trial sale in the Chinese market, when I encountered this contradiction, I finally had to give up the large-scale promotion plan. So, why can the cold ice cream made in many cold food stores in China be well formed? The soft ice cream slurry used in some cold food stores in China contains more water, colloid and other ingredients, and the freezing point of these ingredients (Freezing, hardening temperature) Higher than milk and butter, it is easier to Harden on a domestic ice cream molding machine. Compared with foreign equipment, because the price of domestic soft ice cream forming machine is lower, and the price of soft ice cream slurry with higher water and colloid content is lower, therefore, many domestic cold food shops prefer to use domestic soft ice cream molding machines and soft ice cream pastes containing more additives. From a technical point of view, the expansion rate of high-grade soft ice cream with good quality should reach 40%-50%; However, the expansion rate of ordinary soft ice cream with low dosage of milk and butter and high content of water and colloid is only about 10%. Another important reason why high-performance soft ice cream molding machines are difficult to popularize in China is that some soft ice cream equipment manufacturers in China also produce soft ice cream slurry (Or ice cream powder) While selling their equipment to cold food enterprises, they also sell ice cream slurry matching these equipment to cold food enterprises in order to obtain more profits. The low performance of the molding machine restricts the development of China's high-grade soft ice cream industry. Relevant people believe that domestic soft ice cream molding machines with good performance and suitable price should be developed as soon as possible. Mr. Qian Xianqing, director of China cold food technology research and development center, who has been engaged in ice cream equipment and technology development for many years, told reporters that there are domestic and foreign soft ice cream molding machines in the domestic market, but there are certain problems: 1. Although the domestic soft ice cream molding machine is cheap, the refrigerating capacity is not enough to form high-quality soft ice cream slurry well. 2. Although the soft ice cream molding machine made abroad can well shape the soft ice cream slurry, the price is too high and there are few domestic customers. Mr. Qian Xianqing believes that to solve the contradiction between the molding performance and the price of the equipment, one should increase the refrigerating capacity of the soft ice cream molding machine on the basis of the existing domestic equipment; Second, other supporting measures should be taken to treat the molding problem from a systematic perspective, and the overall structure of the domestic soft ice cream molding machine should be improved; Third, we should reduce the manufacturing cost of high-performance soft ice cream molding machines and improve the market competitiveness of equipment.
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