The reasonable way of using the ice cream showcase

by:Hommy     2020-07-11
1. Ice cream in the daytime in ice cream display ark, temperature: - 16 ~ - 19 degrees. Ice cream display cabinet internal set automatic defrost every 6 hours, 6 minutes every time, when the machine in automatic defrosting temperature will rise to a - 5 ~ - Between 8, this is normal. 2. Ice cream at night should be moved to the refrigerator, Or frozen ark) Store, Suggest five to seven days to ice cream at night reveals ark rest stop) And temperature for at least: - 18 ~ - Between 20 degrees, temperature - 25 degrees as the best condition. 3. To store ice cream refrigerator ( Or frozen ark) Should be real-time defrosting, defrosting one or two times a week. 4. Because ice cream after out from under the frozen ark is hard, so suggest that morning after open the ice cream showcase should stay reveals ark - temperature is reached After 10 degrees, from ice cream freezer to move quickly into the display case. Available later try to eat a spoon of degree of hard and soft ice cream, for about half an hour or so, will reach the soft hard moderate, ice cream display case temperature automatic setting of - 16 ~ - 19 between, such as temperatures rise caused by the outdoor temperature, can be manually adjust temperature. Kay, ice cream display ark 5. Good application for ice cream at night when the wrap, such as plastic wrap water should be replaced immediately, because water droplets will contact cause ice cream ice slag, seriously affect the taste of ice cream. 6. Ice cream on the fruit such as fresh fruit series should be replaced in a timely manner, otherwise it will cause let customers think ice cream is not fresh. Include milk series ice cream decoration without fresh also should be replaced immediately. 7. Play ice cream from the ice cream dish the last part of the forward, when the back from top to bottom are dug up and move forward. So won't destroy the decorated ice cream, do not affect the beautiful. And digging the ice cream ball to the rim, by the way of residual dig net, digging and cleaning, it won't cause too much residual plates, affect vision. 8. Always check the ice cream, ice cream to keep the most fresh state eye to attract customers. Found that there is surface melt or; Oxide layer; Want to use ice cream spoon scrape. Check the stain and wipe the display ark, make ice cream display window very bright and clean. 9. Ice cream at room temperature all have to move fast, to avoid ice cream contact under normal temperature, because it will lead to melting ice cream, then agitation can form ice crystals, affect the taste. Kay, ice cream display ark 10. To wash every hit a ball to play, this will not affect the next taste of color and flavor. And put the play on the stain shake dry, avoid water damage falling ice crystals to form in the ice cream. Immediately after the ball will be ice cream display case closed, avoid the heat flow into the display rack. 11. Ice cream fresh for 2 weeks ( The two weeks is a plate of the new ice cream refrigerator cabinet from put on display two weeks from the date of the) 。 Suggested that ice cream 10 or 15 days can be sent out in the form of promotion, such as buy one get one free. Do not hit the brand because of the save some cost. 12. Such as existing types not covered ice cream display cabinets, is to use clean empty plate covering, otherwise it will affect the display case temperature. 13. Ice cream display case to alternate with different colors to put, because of the sharp contrast will attract the attention of the customer more.
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