The origin of the pizza

by:Hommy     2020-07-18
Pizza hut pizza believe that many people have eaten and are loved so delicious. About the origin of pizza, a lot of people think that pizza from Italy. But there's a saying is said pizza from China. Is really about? 'Pizza' is a kind of special bread, cheese, sauce and filling with Italian flavor of food, but actually this kind of food is beyond the walls of the language and culture, become a global the drink, have been the love of consumers in all countries. But what exactly is the result of where and when this kind of food, is now ancient Rome. Now, in the face of every day from around the world experts 'pizza' - — Baked pizza hut in millions of a pizza, everyone thought it was 400 years ago naturally bakers pioneering of Naples, Italy. So what is the origin of pizza who invented pizza? Some people think that, pizza comes from China: the famous Italian traveler Marco Polo when traveling in China the most like to eat a kind of popular in the north of onion oil pie. Return to Italy after he has always wanted to taste again, but not baked. One Sunday, he with his friends party at home, one of them was chef from Naples, Marco Polo a brainwave, called the chef to nearby, 'so' to describe the shallot, pie in the north of China. The cook also cheerfully as Marco Polo described method to make up. But busy along while, still can't will stuffing into the dough. At this time is almost 2 PM, everyone was hungry. The Marco Polo proposed then the filling on the bread to eat. After you eat, call 'good'. The cook after return to Naples and do a few times, and with the cheese and ingredients of Naples, but big popular with customers, and the 'pizza' was opened.
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