The origin of popcorn and market prospect analysis of popcorn maker

by:Hommy     2019-12-08
As early as the Song Dynasty, the custom of bursting valleys appeared everywhere, and popcorn was also invented in this dynasty. Hundreds of years ago, before European immigrants moved into this 'new continent', Indians living on this continent became popular eating popcorn. After returning to Europe, Columbus once described the vivid scene of Indian children on the 'new world' selling on the streets with popcorn strands into necklaces. Popcorn Machine series products are small food machinery and one of the most novel food machinery in the market today. Popcorn Machine is divided into electric popcorn machine, manual popcorn machine, Cannon popcorn machine, luxury popcorn machine. Because the popcorn market is vast, the investment is not big, the cost is low, it can be sold all year round, and the sales volume is good. Therefore, there are many merchants operating the popcorn business, and the market of popcorn machine is also active. In terms of supply and demand, popcorn makers will continue to rise in the future and will also develop in the long-term direction of prices. With the rapid development of China's popcorn machine market, the application and research and development of related core production technologies will surely become the focus of attention of enterprises in the industry. Understanding the research and development trend, process equipment, technology application and trend of core technology of popcorn machine production at home and abroad is very important for enterprises to improve product technical specifications and market competitiveness. The popcorn market has driven the development of the popcorn machine market. In the days to come, the emergence of the popcorn machine will also push the popcorn market to undergo new changes and bring people more surprises.
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