The mechanisms yogurt yogurt considerations

by:Hommy     2020-07-02
In order to make your yogurt yield reached one hundred percent, according to you, please follow these rules to pile up milk cup of yogurt machine: 1, don't put too close, the heap is too high, the density of fresh milk and hot water, nearly one thousand times of the heat carrier air, so want to milk or yogurt rapid cooling, rapid increase in fluency must ensure that the air in the cabinet. This milk cup cannot put densely piled high, but to ensure there is enough space. 2, the yogurt machine from the bottom up a total of three layers, each layer flat is 36 * 25 cm, each layer of the effective height is 180 mm, 150 mm, 150 mm. To make milk as much as possible in all parts of the synchronization of heating or cooling, each layer of the milk cup stacking height shall not exceed the effective height of the layer, and the same plane between the cup and the cup, in the longitudinal ( Before and after) Or lateral ( Or so) There are at least two sides not to take together, and the distance from the side wall of about two milk cup should be greater than 3 cm or more. Yogurt machine 3, in the milk cup with a diameter of 100 * 65, for example, emissions must make each milk cup side so can take more than 1 cm gap, for air circulation. If the underlying put strains, the ware shape is not more than 300 mm in diameter, height is not more than 180 mm of the vessel, to does not affect the ventilation. 4, the milk cup distribution uniform: as far as possible when the less number of milk cup, first reduce the stacking number only. Should be more evenly: as far as possible around a horizontal gap consistent as far as possible, before and after the gap as much as possible; From the door, from left side gap is larger. Note: yogurt machine in use to shut the door, don't air leakage, leakage not only wastes and makes the temperature in the oven temperature is not uniform and effects of yogurt. Note: 1. Power outlet must take ground wire, to prevent electric shock. 2. If the machine is stopped for a long time, pull the plug. 3. Please do not press any button operation during fermentation, in order to avoid disturb control procedures, can appear otherwise program failure.
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