The main reason for the ice cream showcase not refrigeration

by:Hommy     2020-07-11
Ice cream display cabinets and other refrigeration principle is the same of refrigerated display cabinet, ice cream has a temperature controller, in a display case for users, it is ok to simply set temperature, the internal principle does not need to know about too much. Ice cream display set temperature, the lower the longer cooling time. Ice cream display cabinet refrigeration effect, and the surrounding environment, the sealing of the cabinet put oneself in another's position of switch frequency ice cream display ark, compressors and other factors. When there is failure, ice cream display cabinet may need from the following several aspect reason for troubleshooting. A, ice cream display cabinets to a bad compressor compressor is the core component of the refrigeration system, the ice cream showcase in the process of high strength and long time continuous use, hard to avoid can appear problem. Ice cream is a compressor refrigeration could reveal ark not overheat protector to fail, but the unit there is no problem. More likely is the compressor was burned down. In this case, the best professionals, please carefully check the compressor, compressor fault, in view of the problem solving should add refrigerant will add refrigerant, the change will be changed. Second, the refrigeration system pipeline clogging if vacuum air has no smoke clean, or contains water, caused by ice blocking. Especially the ice cream showcase have repaired, blockage can occur easily. If the refrigeration system in the original cleaning job do not thoroughly, after a period of running, dirt in filter copper network or capillary, can cause ice cream showcase blockage. Close to the evaporator with ears also can't hear any air flow noise, heating or use of the exit, indicating that the clogging system, should be ruled out by professional and technical personnel. Three, pipeline leak if cooling pipe perforation leakage, will cause the loss of ice cream display cabinet refrigeration performance gradually. Rub detergent in pipe joints and linear compressor seal and the roots. For pipeline leak, usually may be corrosion, welding, damaged pipeline several reasons. The fault detection and modification is easy, but need a professional to deal with. Ice cream cabinet refrigeration not common refrigeration refrigeration result is bad or not reason is a lack of refrigerants, usually add refrigerant can explain. Other problems such as control circuit, thermal protection compressor is not running, compressor, fan outside the machine does not turn, machine outside condenser is too dirty, pipe blockage reasons can cause ice cream showcase not refrigeration, found that the problem solves need to find a professional to repair, non-professional personnel cannot be removed without refrigeration knowledge maintenance.
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