The ice maker is not a common cause of ice making and solving methods

by:Hommy     2020-07-09
Ice maker in daily use, possible without ice, share below the ice maker is not a common cause of ice and solution 1, ice machine, cooling bad not ice? Answer: open the ice machine observe radiator cover for dust affects the wind flow or other foreign material blocking heat sink, it is ok to make it clear. 2, ice machine, not water? A: must be ice machine pumps is broken and repaired, the pump should be regularly cleaned for 2 months, protect is not easily broken. 17 new YK - 1 3 81 a square ice ice machine product details, ice-making machine ice making time to slow down? A: this is very simple, it is not the ice maker of refrigerants, add refrigerant. 4, compressor discontinuous work doesn't ice? Answer: the voltage is too low, check the power supply and make contact burning contact is not good, open the system pressure protection. 5, ice how to reduce the amount of production? A: the ice maker capillary or expansion valve clogged slow bai! High moisture system with mild ice wall and coagulation system have blocked, lack of refrigerant or leaked, the evaporator is too dirty. These are the reasons why ice-making machine ice making slow, put the jams become clear. 6, wet ice ice ice machine don't hard to do? A: the ice maker baffle plate of water supply and refrigerant plus much more, voltage is insufficient to produce the above phenomenon, with the right amount of water and cooling system, close to rush to adjust the voltage. This question is easy to solve. 17 new YK - 258 f snowflakes ice machine 7, machine but is not out of the ice? Answer: the water dish without water, water bai, and the heart of the ice machine is blocked, the looking for professionals. 8, ice machine is leaking? A: not to fill valve plate supply water amount too much. Want right amount, see water pipe break didn't break, if the pipe is broken, change a new water pipe line, to see if water level float valve failure, defective fixed debugging. Ice machine 9, ice machine noise is too big? A: by the use of fan for a long time, there will be wear and aging big sound, a new fan. At 10, ice machine turned on system failure? Answer: the phase sequence problem, power system fault, control panel, for relevant personnel and technical personnel for debugging.
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