The ice maker common failures and solutions

by:Hommy     2020-07-08
Symptoms: compressor work but no ice reasons: cooling fluid leakage or damage of electromagnetic valve closed lax. Maintenance: leak detection after 20 plus cooling fluid or replace solenoid valve. Symptom 2: ice machine has been working to refrigeration, water pump has been pumping work, ice is thicker, but do not want to be in the process of dehydration off the ice. Reason: water temperature sensor fault, intelligent control system does not work, effective temperature perception misjudgment program error, or the controller failure. Maintenance: use a multimeter to measure the water temperature sensor resistance ( Inside the water tank water temperature at the time of close to 0 ℃ degrees, remove the control box of the three core, the two wires on both sides of the test value) Above, such as resistance less than 27 k, judgment for the controller is bad, should be replaced, such as resistance less than 27 k, need to disconnect one of two wires, and through the way of series resistance of resistance is adjusted between 27 to 28 k k. Symptoms of three: ice machine into the ice program ( Water pump stop working, and stop refrigeration) But ice don't fall off. Reason: defrosting electromagnetic valve damage. Repair: replace solenoid valve or outside the coil. Symptoms four: the light water shortage but not automatic water machine. Reason: there is no water in the water pipes or water solenoid valve is faulty, the valve is not open. Maintenance: check the pipe into the water, no water, open water after restarting. Solenoid valve is faulty, replace the water. Symptoms: five compressor have jobs but the pump didn't work, No running water) 。 Reason: the pump damage or dirty jams inside the pump. Maintenance: clean water pump or replace the pump. Symptoms six: the power indicator light has been rapid flashing machine does not work: fault: detection of temperature sensor circuit. Maintenance: open the HouGaiBan, open at the top of the compressor electric control lifted the lid, find a three core connectors, see if any from or the phenomenon of poor contact, the new plug can be. Symptoms 7:3 lights flashing, the machine does not work: fault: ice making machine and take off the ice is not normal. Maintenance: A, cut off the power and restart, first check whether the fan, water pump is working properly, if there is any exception to rule out first, check if the compressor is started after work, if no work should check near the compressor parts, if already started, refrigeration system fault judgment, in accordance with the corresponding maintenance method. B, such as refrigeration system trouble-free, can the normal ice, but has been removing ice ice is not the abnormal machine working after 90 minutes and as a protective stop. Need to use multimeter to measure water temperature probe group ( Underwater box temperature close to zero, remove the control box of the three core, measuring the two wires on both sides of the resistance of) Above, such as resistance in 27 k, judgment for the controller is bad, should be appropriate to change, such as resistance lower than 27 k need to disconnect one of two wires, adjust the resistance by means of channeling meet resistance between 27 to 28 k k. Symptoms eight: ice with flashing light, fault: time in excess of the prescribed time, said to take off the ice machine, automatic protection, maintenance: A, general this kind of situation, to boot, such as repeated should check whether the skating version is bobbing up and down movement is flexible. B, if two solenoid valve damage, also can appear the phenomenon, the machine can refrigeration, but to set the thickness of ice into the ice off state when the pump stop working and ice does not fall off, check when forced to take off the ice, Long press and hold the select key 3 seconds) , such as no obvious airflow inside the ice making machine, the two-way solenoid valve can be thought of bad, can check whether the electromagnetic valve power supply is normal. Can replace the coil of commissioning, the body itself cannot be opened. Symptoms of nine: there is no water in the water tank does not display the lack of water, ice osteoporosis have impurities. Fault: the fault is because many times after the ice making water tank leaves impurities in water, rich in minerals, or water, make water level probe surface fouling, probe the sensitivity of detection. Maintenance: all residual water clean water tank, clean the probe surface. Symptoms: ten water tank with water, show lack of water. Maintenance: should check the two core in the control box and three core connectors reliable connection, to plug in general can solve the problem. Symptoms of 11: poor water spray water, part of the ice don't play with the whole. Fault: spray nozzle jam; Maintenance: in the condition of control flow, use tweezers or other sharp objects on the plughole cleaning spray nozzle of clutter. Until every pore water flow. Symptoms of twelve: ice normal but dewatering difficulties or not; Fault: two-way solenoid valve does not work or death; After maintenance: start the ice machine, ice-making machine produce ice, long press the select key 3 seconds into forced to take off the ice, with the hand touch solenoid valve, such as no vibration, said electromagnetic valve power supply is not normal, check the control panel and cables. If there are any vibration, can be repeated several times to take off the ice, can solve the problem of part of the electromagnetic valve binding, such as there are still problems, explain the electromagnetic valve is damaged, need to replace the solenoid valve.
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