The ice cream market is picking up How to thaw

by:Hommy     2020-04-11
Former United States President Ronald Reagan declared July 15th as National Ice Cream Day in the United States, and July is National Ice Cream Month. This festival is also known as 'one of the least-anticipated festivals'. In the hot summer, whether it ’s a bad appetite, want to cool down, or have a full meal, 'there is always a stomach for dessert', whether you like classic vanilla, chocolate ice cream, or a variety of net red Novelty flavors, people will never refuse a tempting ice cream. China's ice cream market is picking up, but per capita is still lower than the world average According to Euromonitor's 2018 China Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts report, because in 2017, China experienced the longest and hottest summer in ten years, and after three consecutive years of decline in retail sales in the Chinese ice cream market, it finally ushered in 2017 Up. According to statistics from the Long Pinxi China Ice Cream Market Research Center, the total volume of China's ice cream market in 2018 reached 123.937 billion yuan, with production and sales reaching 506.42 million tons. The Prospective Industry Research Institute also previously predicted that by 2021, the Chinese ice cream market is expected to exceed 160 billion yuan. However, China's per capita consumption is still generally low. According to data from Global Data in 2016, China ’s per capita consumption is only 2.1kg, far lower than the world average of 4kg, and even significantly lower than Asia ’s highest Japan, 11kg. The Chinese market still has great potential to be tapped. On the eve of the coming hot summer, consumers who claim that 'this life is given by air-conditioning' have begun to prepare food for the high temperature. During the Tmall 618 event just concluded last month, Tmall sold 1.4 million ice creams in the first hour on June 16. Xue Gao, an international red ice cream bell, made a five-minute transaction last year, surging 534% year-on-year. The rising consumer interest in ice cream has also regained the confidence of ice cream manufacturers. How to break the inertia thinking that ice cream sales are too affected by the season? It's a good idea to shift your focus to developing more quality and fun products for young consumers. Before the summer arrives, double yellow egg salted egg yolk ice cream that has become a net red in spring, big white rabbit toffee ice cream is popular in the United States ... make ice cream a food that can be eaten all year round, not just when shopping Cold drinks to quench the thirst and quench thirst, is also a daily relaxed dessert, or a snack after lunch, which can not only be enjoyed alone, but also meet social attributes. An American ice cream maker introduced a big white rabbit toffee flavored ice cream, which caused the local raw material big white rabbit toffee to be out of stock once it became red. But this is not the first company to make ice cream with big white rabbit toffee, and it will not be the last one under the strong demand of consumers. Consumers increasingly use ice cream as a snack and want healthy ice cream, but they cannot give up the taste A Nielsen survey in 2018 showed that one-third of European consumers have eaten ice cream in the past 30 days and treat it as a snack. But while enjoying, consumers also want lower calories, which can be sweet without burden. A poll conducted by poller Harris revealed that up to 44% of 25-34-year-olds are willing to pay more for low-calorie ice cream. In comparison, only 23% of people over 55 are willing to pay a premium. Especially among young people, among the main middle-aged and young consumer groups, Qicheng said that if the calories of a bucket of ice cream are less than 250 calories, they are willing to finish a bucket. Driven by consumer health needs, many low-calorie 'light' healthy ice creams have emerged, driving market growth. Many low-calorie ice creams clearly label the calories of the ice cream on the front of the package to attract consumers. Although consumers need low-calorie products, taste is king. Consumers won't pay for a healthy-claimed ice cream if it doesn't taste good. In the survey, only 13% of consumers make “calories” as one of the three most important factors in choosing ice cream. Similarly, 14% of consumers choose ice cream. The 'sugar content'. And more people consider 'taste (79%)' and 'price (67%)' as important considerations. Even among health-conscious consumers aged 18-24, only 22% of people consider 'calories' as the most important factor. At the same time, only 9% and 5% of the population chose “raw material sources” and “dairy-free products” as one of the three important factors. This also shows that although consumers have gradually begun to understand and accept the importance of vegetarian food and real materials, they still lack education. One of the factors that are reluctant to invest energy). Although it is a trend such as vegetarian food, it can't occupy the dominant position of consumers' diet at present, it is just a choice. For manufacturers, it can be a premium point, but it still needs to be balanced with the 'price' that consumers are very concerned about. At the same time, more than 30% of consumers choose 'size / serve (35%)' as one of the three major purchasing decision factors. Size not only reflects the size of the package intuitively, but also has a potential relationship with consumers' health concerns such as price, calories, fat, and sugar content. Small packaging means lower unit price, more attractive to price-sensitive consumers, but also suitable for people with a small appetite, or just want to satisfy the desires of the tongue, and relieve their worries. The small package has less content, which makes its calories, sugar content and other indicators lower per serving. It looks less 'unhealthy' and reduces consumer guilt. Small packages can also be combined and sold in combination with multiple flavors. Different flavors can be eaten at one time, which not only gives consumers a 'higher cost-effective' psychological hint, but it is also easier to poke the hearts of young people. In addition, only 38% of consumers place great emphasis on the 'brand' of ice cream. Compared with taste and price, the brand loyalty of consumers seems not so high, which also gave a start-up to start-ups with new and exotic tastes on the road of product innovation. Ice cream startup L.A. Creamery launched a number of new flavors of handmade ice cream at the American Winter Fancy Food Show, with lemon meringue flavor, Shitao pretzel flavor, and cream snow cream flavor. Snacks, adults and novelty tastes attract attention In the era of consumption where taste is king, face value is the highest, and personality is the most important, how do ice cream makers attract discerning and 'flexible' consumers from taste and color? No face value. In the era of 'eating with the eyes' and everyone's self-media, colorful ice cream has a strong visual impact on the sensory experience of consumers, and it is more attractive to young people to punch photos. Colorful colors usually mean multiple flavor combinations. In addition to the common caramel brown, milk white, strawberry red, and even matcha green, butterfly bean blue, purple potato purple, charcoal black, etc. are less common in ice cream. The color is also the first to appear in ice cream shops. Nowadays, the marble ice soda in the memory is reproduced in the ice cream. During the Takashima Midsummer Festival from June 19th to July 16th, 2019, the whole family in Taiwan introduced ice cream flavored with marbles. Lemon juice is added to the ice cream, and the taste is slightly sour and sweet. The small and fresh Tiffany Blue is reminiscent of the blue sky, and the high-value is even more attractive to young women. Speaking of green ice cream, people usually think of matcha ice cream or mint chocolate chip ice cream that is more common in Europe and America. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream launched a special vegetarian spinach ice cream 'Popular Sailor's Flagship' for a limited time in May this year to celebrate New York City's annual Fleet Week. If you've seen the animated film 'Popular Sailors', you must be impressed that the Sailor Poppies defeated the giant man every time after eating canned spinach. 'Popular Sailors' also helped parents well educate children who only love meat but not vegetables. This spine ice cream from Van Leeuwen is also a gift to the 90th anniversary of the birth of the popular cartoon character Popeye. The ice cream is flavored with organic spinach and cleverly added with natural extra virgin olive oil to pay tribute to Popeye's girlfriend Oliver Oyl. Turmeric and sea salt are also added. The trendy vegetarian ice cream is made from raw cashew milk, coconut milk, organic coconut oil, pure cocoa butter and organic sucrose, with a slight sweetness. Green leafy vegetable-flavored ice cream is rare, especially when combined with national IP, which has attracted many Americans to try new food. The 'blizzard' of Dairy Queen, a well-known fast-food chain in the United States, has a reputation of not spilling a cup, especially becoming one of consumers' favorite ice cream series. This time, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the successful landing of Apollo 11, the first human moon landing mission, the Blizzard series sold space ice cream for three days from June 24 to 26. In order to perfectly express the theme of the starry sky, the blue and black glitter base material is matched with vanilla soft ice cream, sprinkled with Oreo fragments, and decorated with stars and balls of marshmallow, creating an unprecedented sense of space. Cross-border with snacks Consumers increasingly enjoy ice cream as a snack. As early as 2017, a Mintel report on ice cream showed that nearly half of Chinese urban consumers consider ice cream as a snack at home, and 39% use ice cream as a home. Desserts after a meal. Sweet ice cream is not only a snack, but also the comfort of people's hearts. Eating sweets to soothe tension has become the norm for young people. Ice cream products are beginning to be cross-category combinations with other snacks. Established in 2012, Enlightened has become one of the fastest growing brands in the US ice cream industry by producing high-protein, low-sugar premium ice cream. As ice cream is becoming more and more snacking, Enlightened has created a product that truly combines sweet and salty snacks-'crispy-flavored ice cream.' People like to eat ice cream and like to make 'sofa potatoes' on the sofa. What better way to combine these two snacks into one? Ice cream combines potato chips with chocolate chips and salted fudge whirlwind, each serving only 100 calories, 5g protein, 6g sugar, 3g fat, can enjoy the unique sweet and salty flavor of innocence. On June 5 this year, the family launched a ice cream with M & M ’s chocolate beans, which they were familiar with as a child. At first glance, the packaging looks like a chocolate energy bar. After bitten, it was found that the crispy shell of chocolate was covered with vanilla ice cream and the iconic M & M ’s chocolate beans. Girls who love sweets can't miss it. Slightly adult-style ice cream Who says ice cream is a child's food? Halo Top tells everyone that the pressure of work, love affairs, and unfinished loans ... Adults in the 'mourning' world need ice cream more than children. How to reflect the difference between adult ice cream and children ice cream? Compared with the sweet snack ice cream regardless of age, the fragrant adult ice cream may be more attractive to adults. Summer is the season for beer with fried chicken, and it is also the time to eat ice cream with air conditioning. Now you can also try to dispel the summer heat with alcoholic ice cream on a hot summer day. LiQ is a Belgian brand. The brand name LiQ is also the abbreviation of Liqueur, which represents an alcoholic ice cream. Adults with 5% alcohol content should also not eat before driving. LiQ is made in small batches using 100% real fruit, sustainable milk from free-range cows, and premium ingredients such as Belgian chocolate. And the use of zero-calorie sweetener stevia, brings low-sugar and indulgent frozen desserts. All six flavors come from the cocktail concept, adding different wines to ice cream for a bold taste experience. Strawberry rum daiquiri combines 100% fresh strawberries, sour lime and white rum, with a very attractive taste. The Bourbon Whiskey has a salty caramel flavor with dark chocolate, sea salt, caramel, and bourbon whiskey. It has a luxurious taste. Coconut Rum Punch is exotic and refreshing with mango ice cream with creamy coconut milk, lemon and Caribbean brown rum. Amaretto biscuits are rich in ice cream, white chocolate, freshly baked almond cookies and Amaretto. Irish coffee flavor blends mocha ice cream, dark chocolate and whiskey. Delicious and rich, it's crazy taste. The Italian lemon wine raspberry flavor is a combination of fruit sorbet and 100% real raspberry, lime and Italian lemon wine. The taste is intriguing. British brand agency B & B Studio created an overall brand impression for the Belgian brand. The white background color of the package enhances the lightness of the product, with strong and bright colors, and rotating patterns, showing the product taste. Especially the pattern of the top cover, whether it is on the shelf or in the lower freezer drawer, can be recognized at a glance, and the visual language is very strong. What's more worth mentioning is that every ice cream bucket and spoon of LiQ is 100% biodegradable. And B & B Studio has also developed a smart palette technology, all packaging of different flavors and colors can be printed together at one time, without the need to print separately, so that the brand can better combine appearance and sustainability. Alcoholic ice cream has precedents. As early as 2017, Haagen-Dazs was the first to list five spirit-flavored ice creams in Canada: vodka lime pie flavor, rum vanilla caramel brownie flavor, and rum gingerbread Flavor, Irish cream coffee shortbread, and whiskey truffle chocolate. It has caused widespread concern among consumers in North America. The Americans, eagerly awaiting that Haagen-Dazs also launched alcoholic ice cream in the United States, are finally suitable for a year and a half, and in early 2019, the US version is ushered in. Seven wine-flavored ice creams offer an extraordinary experience, especially as a luxury choice for adults to reward themselves. And each ice cream alcohol content is only 0.5%, the audience is wider. Irish Cream Brownie: Blend Irish cream into Haagen-Dazs ice cream with rich chocolate brownies and fudge. A similar flavor is a small cube ice cream of Irish cream biscuit, rich chocolate cookies with ice cream, added Irish cream, and then wrapped in dark chocolate, the taste is extremely luxurious. Rum Custard: Latin American inspired. Add silky white rum to Haagen-Dazs ice cream, then add thick milk caramel sauce and chunky custard. Bourbon Vanilla Bean Truffle: A classic match, creamy vanilla ice cream with spicy bourbon whiskey, and garnished with truffle chocolate. Setau Chocolate Pretzels: Inspired by the flavor of the bar, Setau Beer is added to the rich chocolate ice cream with the smell of roasted malt, then the ice cream is covered with pretzels and fudge. Bourbon Whiskey Praline: Bourbon Whiskey is added to the ice cream, then sprinkled with brown sugar and pecans for a perfect taste
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