The ice cream market is gradually active, and

by:Hommy     2020-03-29
As the weather has become hotter recently, the ice cream market has gradually become active, and KFC McDonald's dessert stations have begun to line up. Ice cream is a volume expansion type made by drinking water, milk, milk powder, butter (or vegetable oil), sugar, etc. as the main raw materials, adding appropriate food additives, and mixing, sterilizing, homogenizing, aging, freezing, and hardening Frozen drinks. There are two types of on-site sales (soft ice cream) and package sales (hard ice cream), with rich and diverse flavors. Ice cream has a wide audience and fierce market competition. Therefore, ice cream production equipment is continuously deepening in terms of production shape, intelligence, and automation. At present, robotic vending machines for yogurt and cone ice cream have appeared, and they have penetrated into the field of unmanned sales. The ice cream sold on the site usually uses a layer of crispy skin as a container for loading. The ice cream sold in packages has baking skin packaging and other container packaging. In general, baking skin is extremely important for ice cream. The raw materials for baking crust are generally flour, sugar, oil, milk powder, etc. After putting these ingredients in a blender and mixing them, they will be pressed into a round dough, rolled into a tube, and finally baked in the oven for baking. . After baking, it will be picked and boxed. At present, a large part of this process has been replaced by mechanical equipment, but manual labor is needed in the selection process. Relevant equipment manufacturers can combine fruit and vegetable sorting equipment to develop equipment. The taste of ice cream is becoming more and more abundant with the continuous progress of technology. With the pursuit of healthy food, the situation of changing the color and flavor of ice cream through additives has improved. Many ice cream manufacturers have processed ingredients to improve ice cream. Tastes include healthy flavors such as persimmon ice cream, honeysuckle ice cream, and chestnut ice cream. Taking persimmon ice cream as an example, the persimmons need to be deastringent, peeled, beaten, and sterilized. They need to be equipped with peelers, beaters, and cold sterilization equipment. In addition to the change in taste of ice cream can attract consumers' attention, the diversified shape has become one of the indispensable means to attract young audiences, which also benefits from the continuous development of ice cream production equipment. For example, 3D printed ice cream equipment can customize exclusive ice cream styles for consumers, and the production speed is fast, reducing the customer's waiting time; while the multi-functional ice cream filling machine realizes various ice cream finished product styles through various changes in the shape of the flower For this, the ice cream packaging machine adjusts the length of the adjustable bag-maker's bag, and increases the width of the film, which makes the application of the packaging machine wider. With the increasing popularity of on-site ice cream sales, ice cream equipment manufacturers have made corresponding changes to reduce equipment to mobile equipment. At present, functional trolley supporting machines such as round stick plunger trolleys and particle thrower trolleys have appeared on the market, contributing to the diversity of on-site ice cream sales. Of course, when it comes to selling ice cream on-site, we must not forget that the McDonald's ice cream machine in the United States last year caused serious damage to McDonald's caused by mold. Therefore, cleaning of ice cream-related equipment is extremely important. It is understood that the CIP cleaning system can clean the entire machine without removing the equipment, eliminating the laziness and inadequate problems that may occur during manual cleaning. As a member of the frozen and frozen food industry, China's per capita consumption of ice cream is not large, and there is still much room for development compared with developed economies. At the same time, with the increasing opening of our market, many foreign ice cream brands have poured into our market, which has caused a greater impact on our brands. Faced with this situation, ice cream manufacturers and related machinery and equipment companies need to study the characteristics of ice cream consumption in China, research and develop products based on the characteristics, and regain the market.
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