The food machinery industry is singing all the way forward

by:Hommy     2019-12-06
In 2010, China's food industry achieved great growth, and the food machinery industry also gained a share from this huge market share. In 2011, food machinery was far ahead in the mechanical equipment industry. The rapid development of food machinery is not only due to the advent of China's machinery innovation era, but also due to the innovation and breakthrough in the management concept of the food industry. First of all, the input of products and the market economy have strong 'risk demand '. Under the condition of highly competitive market economy, taking risks is one of the necessary factors for success. Machinery enterprises must be willing to invest in order to strengthen their comprehensive strength. Only with strong technical support can they produce better and more efficient products and distinguish them from ordinary enterprises. Secondly, to achieve technological breakthroughs, the development of a new generation of science and technology has a higher 'demand for innovation '. At present, China's independent research and development capability of food machinery technology is relatively lagging behind, and a large number of low-level repetitive products hinder the development process and innovation pace of the entire industry. Enterprises should be based on the current situation of the industry, around the needs of the industry, the first introduction--Absorption--Improvement--New technological innovation mode created. Thirdly, to truly realize the brand building, the upgraded consumption concept has spread a strong 'marketing demand '. The quality of products is of course important, but good products alone are not enough to build high-quality enterprises. Another important factor for the success of an enterprise is to build a strong brand. Although there is still a long way to go for the development of China's food machinery enterprises, it is still a strong potential stock, although we are still far from foreign excellent enterprises and products, however, the development time of machinery and equipment in our country is only a few decades, but it has achieved hundreds of years of development abroad. ?
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