The difference between sundae ice cream and ordinary ice cream

by:Hommy     2019-12-11
What is a sundae ice cream sundae, is an ice cream dessert, the traditional sundae will use one or two scoops of ice cream, dotted with some jam or syrup, some also use a layer of icing, whipped cream, cherries or other fruits (Banana, pineapple). In the Oxford Dictionary, the origin of the Sundae is somewhat vague, but everyone thinks that the name of the Sundae comes from Sunday. There are many sayings about the origin of the sundae. The mainstream one is that the ice cream sundae is actually ice cream soda (Ice cream soda)Variant. Literature published by the Evanston Public Library shows that drinking soda on Sunday is illegal in Illinois. In 1980, Evanston was the first place to ban the sale of ice cream soda, so some creative dessert producers here sold ice cream with syrup instead of soda on Sunday in order to abide by the law, this special Sunday ice cream came into being, and local Methodist leaders opposed the use of their Sabbath (Sunday) The name of a food, so the spelling of the Sundae became Sundae. The difference between sundae ice cream and ordinary ice cream, the picture is provided by the registered user 'top fire', the copyright statement feedback 1, the physical and chemical indicators of the product: Generally speaking, the physical and chemical indicators of ice cream are higher; 2. Production process: ice cream products generally need to undergo a hardening process, I . e. ice cream produced from a freezer is immediately put- Freezing in an environment below 35 degrees, while sundae does not need hardening; 3. Selling methods: ice cream is sold more widely, including cold drink shops, fast food restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, hotels, etc. , while sundaes are generally more in cold drink shops and fast food restaurants. What are the types of sundae ice cream, English: ice cream is placed flat in a glass or glass dish, with fresh fruits and fresh cream, red and green cherries and waffles. French: also known as Buffy, the difference from the British is that it is generally made of a barrel-shaped high-legged glass as a container. In addition to British materials, it is made of red wine or syrup. The hometown of the 'sundae' is in the United States. As early as 1897, Americans ate the 'sundae' ice cream. It is said that the 'sundae' ice cream was invented by an ice cream owner named George in Wisconsin. George was unconventional, poured cherry syrup on the ice cream, and put a sugar pickled cherry on it to sell to customers. At first, this kind of mixed ice cream was only sold on Sundays. Later, people thought this kind of ice cream was very delicious and the demand was increasing, so George supplied this kind of ice cream to people every day. Since this kind of ice cream was originally sold on Sunday, the owner named it Sunday. But Sunday is the Sabbath of Jesus (Sabbath) The church believes that using this day as a trade name is a blasphemy against the gods. As a result, Sunday had to be renamed Sundae, which has been used to this day. In order to avoid taboos, Sunday ice cream has also used some other names, such as sundi and sondhi. There are still many members of the sundae family, usually named after raw materials, with chocolate sundae ( Chocolate sundae), Pineapple sundae ( Pineapple sundae), Assorted fruit sundae ( Mixed fruit sundae) , Strawberry sundae, cherry sundae, peach sundae, etc; Or named after the region, such as the Hawaiian sundae, only in a few places.
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