The difference between soft ice cream and hard ice cream

by:Hommy     2020-05-27
??When it comes to soft ice cream, everyone first thinks of McDonald's and KFC's cones, which are delicate and smooth, and the entrance melts. When it comes to hard ice cream, you think of digging ice cream. In addition to these differences, the Hommy ice cream machine introduces you to the difference between soft ice cream and hard ice cream from other aspects. 1. Different raw materials: soft ice cream is made of soft ice cream powder or ice cream paste; hard ice cream is made of hard ice cream powder, because the ingredients are different, the two cannot be mixed. 2. Different puffing rates: Soft ice cream has no hardening process in the production process, the swelling rate is between 30% and 60%. Generally, ice cream machines can be made and sold now. The expansion rate of hard ice cream is 80% -100%, and the hardening molding is for easy packaging and transportation. 3. Different nutritional ingredients: Generally, a soft ice cream contains more nutrients (about 1.6 times) than hard ice cream of the same volume; soft ice cream that has not been hardened will also be smoother and more mellow. 4. Different freezing temperatures: the center temperature of soft ice cream is about -5 ℃, and the center temperature of hard ice cream is about -15 ℃. 5. Different eating time: the soft ice cream is ready to be eaten when it comes out of the machine, and can also be mixed with other auxiliary materials in the later period. Ice cream, etc .; hard ice cream also needs a hardening process before it can be eaten.
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