The difference between hard ice cream machine

by:Hommy     2020-05-17
In such a hot summer, the coolest time is eating ice cream in the air-conditioned room. But when you eat ice cream, did your friends think about how it was made? Some people just said that ice cream is of course made by an ice cream machine. But do you know that there is also a difference between hard and soft ice cream machines? Today the editor brings you hard and soft ice cream machines and their respective differences. Are you ready? The world's first ice cream machine was invented in the United States in 1939. First of all, the editor gave you a hard ice cream machine. As its name, it is used to make hard ice cream. If we want to classify it, we can divide it into 3 types according to its mode. They are desktop hard ice cream machine, mobile hard ice cream machine and automatic ice cream machine. The price of hard ice cream has been around 25,000 RMB, it is suitable for large ice cream factories. After we introduced what is a hard ice cream machine, the next editor will bring you a soft ice cream machine. In fact, the so-called soft ice cream is generally seen by everyone, and it is found in large shopping malls or supermarkets and even on the roadside. Here, the editor gives you an example, the cone, which is made by the soft ice cream mechanism. It is an automated electrical equipment, which belongs to high-tech products. It consists of three parts, namely compressor, condenser, and evaporator. Its common types are single-head ice cream machine, three-head ice cream machine, five-head ice cream machine and seven-head ice cream machine. It is very popular abroad in dessert shops and coffee shops. The price difference is quite large, it is generally available in our country for 10,000 RMB. However, if the brand is STOELTNG or there is something like Taylor Salon and Japanese Japanese, its price is above 100,000 RMB. The above is the hard ice cream machine and soft ice cream machine I brought to you today. The next editor will summarize the difference between the two. First of all, its scope of use, hard ice cream machine is suitable for factories, is used to mass-produce ice cream; on the contrary is the soft ice cream machine is suitable for small shops such as coffee shops and dessert shops. The second is the ice cream produced by the two. The hard ice cream machine produces hard ice cream that needs to be packaged and shipped to consumers. The soft ice cream produced by the soft ice cream machine can be used on the spot, such as a sweet cone. There is also a difference in the price of the two, the editor has mentioned above The above is the difference between the hard ice cream machine and the soft ice cream machine brought by the editor today.
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