The development of refrigeration equipment needs to solve the bottleneck problem urgently

by:Hommy     2019-12-12
Refrigeration equipment is the support and support of cold chain construction. The promulgation of 'agricultural products cold chain logistics development plan' has brought market opportunities to refrigeration equipment enterprises and pointed out the development direction. At present, China's food freezing technology has been widely developed and innovated. The promulgation of the 'plan' represents that food safety has attracted the government's great attention and also shows that the government has realized the importance of cold chain construction. At present, there are two main problems in refrigeration equipment in our country and even in the world: one is energy conservation and the other is environmental protection. At present, there are many researches on energy conservation in a certain link, but few on the whole cold chain system. In terms of environmental protection, how to promote the development of ammonia refrigeration as soon as possible and replace Freon, which has great damage to the environment, is the main problem. In addition, standards and specifications should be adjusted according to the actual market situation.
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