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by:Hommy     2020-07-06
Common characteristics and use in our daily life, freezer freezer have various styles and types, and the freezer brand also has a lot of. The results of the same size freezers, freezer, but different price. So although these freezers appearance is differ, but their use and characteristics is almost the same. Let freezer to let us know price, first is the freezer of supermarkets, convenience stores with large arc glass, design beautiful generous, and can choose the unit external, cabinet put oneself in another's position any longer spliced. Completely open the display of fresh space, larger capacity, it is more convenient to access. Adopt stainless steel material such as floor, corrosion resistance, easy to clean. Followed by a supermarket, convenience store in the freezer of strong steel firm foundation, combined with powder spraying zinc steel plate and stainless steel surface of exteriors, make cabinet put oneself in another's position is durable, beautiful and generous. Special effects of interior lighting make the goods more bright and beautiful. Then the supermarket, convenience store in the freezer of double air curtain and thin evaporator design, multi-layer diversion type outlet structure, overall a u-shaped cabinet put oneself in another's position foam molding. Uniform wind stability, cooling speed, less heat exchange inside and outside, to ensure the good display with a heat preservation and heat insulation effect. Enclosed structure design, energy saving save electricity, food preservation effect is good. Finally, supermarkets, convenience stores in the freezer of machine not only refrigeration temperature control precision, but also has a dual control temperature and frost frost time protection, to ensure that the items contained in the effect of display and preservation. Imported compressor by microporous type wind nets, air conditioning uniform distribution, temperature constant inside ark, uniform, and do not dry food. Know this, we take a look at the size and type of freezer. Supermarkets, convenience stores in the freezer from the ark type points: vertical, horizontal, open, closed, the monomer type, double postures, three body modular, working unit, unit external type; Points from the size: large ( The length of single tank 2. More than 5 meters) , medium ( The length of single tank 1. More than 5 meters) ; Points from the temperature: high temperature cabinet ( 40 ~ 600 degrees) , the temperature in the cabinet ( 0 ~ 100 degrees) , cryogenic tank ( - - - - - - 16 ~ 200 degrees) 。 Depending on the amount of food types, supermarkets, convenience stores, sites or sales way of the actual situation to determine the freezers equipment such as type, style and quantity. So when selecting a freezer, also can give us a lot of problems. The last is to choose which freezer, adopts the comparative method, comparing various products in the technical part of the advanced level, respectively, in what position in the industry? To understand this, in addition to learn about products leading the technical level, such as the presence of international patent? In which year was the international patent? What is close international patent? Whether the patent number? Should be asked to manufacturer by contrast method one by one. So we can choose a good and practical freezers. The above articles from Hommy freezers, offer various kinds of convenience stores freezers, freezer price, medical freezers, supermarket freezers, industrial, hotels, cake, stainless steel, etc. Series of freezer, for details, please login: freezer at https://www. hommy。 Com free order hotline: 400 - 6300 - 692
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