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by:Hommy     2020-07-02
What is the difference between supermarket freezer price level? A, compressor brand: other compressor brand price is different also, ordinary compressor of the price will be much lower, and with the use of brand compressor or imported compressor, the performance is better protection, but the price is higher. Some consumers have to ask to use what brand of compressor and how when buying freezers for the sake of their performance. Second, compressor internal and external: built-in indoor noise, low price; No external indoor noise and high prices. Hommy recommends buying capacity is 1800 l built-in refrigerator, and to buy 1800 l or higher external capacity. Three, capacity and scale. The refrigerator, the greater the capacity is larger, the higher the price. Four, cooling tube material: brass, aluminum pipe, alloy pipe price is different, use the brass price is high. Fifth, whether freezer with anti-fog function. Which has the function of mist refrigerator will naturally add heating wire on the glass, the technique of the price will be higher. Six, a cooling modes: air cooled and ZhiLengShi freezer, in general, air cooled faster than direct cooling, cooling uniformity and expensive. Seven, temperature control system: microelectronics central processing unit, temperature control accurate, error is small, easy to operate, the temperature of liquid crystal display (LCD) is clear, the price of this kind of refrigerator will be higher. Efficient and rapid cooling technology, pure copper tube evaporator advanced controller and the combination of 3 d cycle refrigeration system more faster, this configuration is more expensive. Eight, heat preservation system: polyurethane foam technology, environmental protection foam material, high strength, high density, energy saving design, effectively reduce the energy consumption, high insulation technology and high price. The above article is the result of Hommy freezers, the company specializes in providing freezers prices, freezers, supermarket freezers want to know more information such as air-conditioner, please visit: https://www. hommy。 Com free order hotline: 0086 - 750 - 808分机6316991
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