The breakthrough of Chinese ice cream

by:Hommy     2019-12-31
At present, China's GDP per capita has exceeded the US $4000 mark, indicating that leisure consumption will enter a period of explosive growth. China's ice cream market will enter the leisure consumption stage from the functional consumption stage and will usher in a new round of blowout. However, there are still many problems in China's ice cream industry. The low market entry threshold makes the whole industry in a fierce price war, which directly leads to the low-end product structure. Even if high-end brands emerge one after another, it is not enough to reverse the low product structure. Improving quality is fundamental. Today, consumers' requirements for product quality are far higher than the requirements for product prices, and the entry of foreign brands has greatly impacted the pattern of China's ice cream market. In this regard, Chinese ice cream enterprises can only improve the product quality and realize the overall upgrade of the market by pulling the high-end product structure of the industry. Innovation is a constant theme. In the past ten years or so, the output of China's cold drink market has increased nearly 12 times, but homogenization has also become the culprit of low-price competition in the industry. In order to develop China's ice cream industry, enterprises must move towards specialization, marketization and high-end in product innovation. However, some demands can only be obtained by going deep into the market, and actions are more effective than ideas. Brand survival, data show that brand has become an important factor for consumers to choose ice cream. Brand building is no longer the development problem of ice cream enterprises, but the survival problem.
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