Supermarket for storage method is efficient

by:Hommy     2020-07-02
Everyone knows whether fridge or supermarket of air-conditioner, air curtain cabinets, etc. All used for storing food refrigeration appliances over time will be more or less have peculiar smell. The first to explain what will accelerate the production of peculiar smell. Smell the heavier is mainly: fish, meat, have bad eggs and vegetables! So these things we should how to avoid it in daily storage smell is reduced, as follows: 1. Food bag storage, especially fruits and vegetables, etc. , should be washed with water, dry in a clean plastic bag and then in a freezer for shelf or fruit storage box. 2. Cold storage can be frozen storage. The refrigerator need long-term frozen food such as meat, fish and shrimp food, such as freezer storage, don't freeze in the interior to prevent deterioration. 3. Storage with visceral things need to remove all internal things, because those things more easily than meat metamorphism for storing your want. 4. Deli made to separate storage, and the ham, sausage, such as food taste heavy, should be put in special cooked food shelf, separated from raw and has a strong smell of food, so as to avoid pollution and deli. When the refrigerator odor or supermarket freezers smell has produced, so how do we go to effectively remove peculiar smell? Here is to introduce the refrigerator in addition to odor method: first of all, of course, will remove object emits an odor, a big cleaning is necessary, the cleaning is finished we can also use the following method to accelerate the elimination of peculiar smell: 1, with gauze bag 50 grams of tea in the fridge, take out after a month in the sun insolates, then in gauze in the refrigerator, repeated use, also can remove refrigerator odors. 2, wash a few pieces of fresh orange peels and dry, strewn on the refrigerator, can remove odor in the refrigerator. 3, cut a lemon in half, don't cover plastic wrap. Put the lemon in the refrigerator freezer upper, fresh scent of lemon can smell away in the refrigerator in one week. Below to introduce you to the supermarket freezers method is efficient. This method to the wind curtain cabinets, island cabinets, fresh meat, fresh cabinet, refrigerators and other refrigeration equipment in addition to odor are in effect: (1) the bread in addition to odor wrap surface inside the box, put in freezer, its effect and deodorants are exactly the same (2) the charcoal in addition to the peculiar smell crushed the excessive charcoal, in a small bag, give freezer in addition to taste the results well except flavour in baking soda (sodium bicarbonate classification within the two exposure bottle, open the cap and on the lower level of the freezer, can eliminate peculiar smell. (4) scented tea in addition to taste tea, wrapped in gauze bag and put in freezer, tea can absorb the smell in the freezer, use after a period of time can be taken out in the sun insolates, tea and the tea is placed back to the small bag, it can be used multiple times. (5), orange peel in addition to flavor after eat grapefruit or orange, clean the skin, dry, scattered into the refrigerator, not only can absorb the smell in the refrigerator, can radiate fragrance smell. 6 the vinegar exposure to pour the vinegar into the bottle, put the freezer, in addition to smell good effect
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