Suning launches 'Ice Cream Index', shortening

by:Hommy     2020-03-31
On June 14, Suning Logistics announced the launch of 'Ice Cream Index' and 'Ice Cream Community' services to shorten delivery time. It is reported that relying on the Suning store, Suning Logistics has previously launched the '1 hour up' instant delivery service in the same city, this time shortening the delivery time to an average of 30 minutes, is expected to soon open to the public, and will provide services to third parties. The issue of delivery timeliness has always been the key to competition for logistics companies. It is reported that the “Ice Cream Index” launched by Suning Logistics this time uses the melting time of ice cream as a reference system to evaluate the timeliness of the instant delivery business in the same city. It is worth noting that Suning Logistics's same-city instant delivery service had an average aging time of 34 minutes and a normal 30 minutes in the future to achieve 'run faster than ice cream melts'. Some survey reports show that only large traditional intra-city business distribution platforms such as Meituan and Hengma can control the average delivery time within 30 minutes, and the average delivery time of many companies is more than 40 minutes, and some even exceed one hour. . At the same time, a large number of front warehouses close to consumers is the key to the success of the city's instant delivery business. The concept of 'ice cream community' put forward by Suning Logistics can not only enjoy the community of Suning City's instant delivery of '3 kilometers an hour,' but also 30 minutes of delivery. Suning's Sunshine boutique supermarkets, Red Kids and other diversified stores will provide front warehouses for the 'ice cream community'. It is reported that in addition to the traditional stores that serve the community, Suning will open 1,500 new Suning stores this year, and plans to have more than 5,000 “ice cream communities”.
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