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by:Hommy     2020-05-13
Speaking of sugar cane juicers, many people will immediately feel that this is a very important machine in our lives. Why? Because we often drink all kinds of sugar cane juice, and besides this, sugar cane juicers have many other uses. But apart from knowing that sugarcane juicers are important, we do n’t know much about sugarcane juicers. Some people may know that the classification of sugarcane juicers includes hand-operated sugarcane juicers and electric sugarcane juicers and batteries. Sugarcane juicer, etc. However, it is not clear where the sugarcane juicer is used, that is, the scope of use of the sugarcane juicer. Below, the editor will briefly introduce the use scope of the sugar cane juicer for everyone. First, the largest use of sugar cane juicers is in urban and rural shopping malls, where we can often buy sugar cane juice on the street. In addition, there are vegetable markets, self-employed and other service industries or small-scale beverage production. This is the most widely used place for sugar cane juicers. Secondly, the sugar cane juicer can also be used as sugar cane, ginger, apple, sorghum stalk and corn stalk for liquid extraction only. Finally, the bagasse, sorghum stalk residue and corn residue left over after the sugar cane juicer is used can be recycled. 1. Characteristics of Sugarcane Juicer 1. The motor starts quickly, the speed is stable, the sound is light, and it is durable. 2. The cup has excellent material, high transparency, firmness and hygiene. 3. The electric sugar cane juicer can be used continuously in one minute intervals. 2. How much can a sugarcane juicer generally buy? 1. A manual sugarcane juicer with a battery of 1,550 yuan. 2. A small hand-cranked sugar cane machine is 1780 yuan. 3. A luxury sugarcane juicer with a good quality and a good price of 3800 yuan. 4. A set of sugarcane vertical sugarcane squeezer 2700 yuan. 5. Manually squeezing sugar cane juice machine 1580 yuan. 3. How much sweet juice can be squeezed from a pound of sugar cane? Generally, the sugarcane used to squeeze the sugarcane juice is our Guangdong yellow-skinned fruit cane. The yellow-skinned fruit cane has a high juice extraction rate. Generally, a single sugarcane weighs about 7 pounds, and 7-8 cups (200ml) of sugarcane juice should be squeezed out. The business profit of squeezing sugar cane juice is quite objective. 4. How much can you earn by selling sugar cane juice in one day? You can buy two cups of sugarcane juice for five dollars. Pure natural beverages are not many times better than carbonated beverages sold in stores. It is because the price is cheap, the nutrition is good, and it is sealed with a cup, which is very convenient to drink. Thousands of dollars of income can be obtained without cost. 5. Sugarcane juice nutrition Sugar cane juice is rich in sucrose, fructose, ink 'target =' _ blank 'style =' box-sizing: border-box; text-decoration-line: underline; cursor: pointer; '> glucose, and also contains Iron and other minerals and amino acids such as aspartic acid, aspartic acid, alanine, citric acid, etc. Drinking sugar cane juice can relieve thirst and replenish water and calories. 6. Efficacy of sugarcane juice The raw sugar cane juice is sweet and cold, which can treat fever, injury, thirst, upset thirst, hot urine and redness, dryness and cough. Raw sugar cane juice is called 'Tiansheng Fuchang Tang', which is best consumed by patients with fever. Sugarcane juice turns sexually after heating, has a tonic effect, has the functions of invigorating qi and spleen, and invigorating qi and nourishing health. At the rural market, a stall was full of people. When I walked in, the shop was selling sugarcane juice. I saw a big machine in front of the merchant. The merchant first put the cut sugarcane into the machine, and then the machine started to operate. The pulp that was squeezed out of water was slowly spit out by the machine, leaving only the sweet sugarcane juice. Because the operation method is simple, a stall needs only one person to take care of it. When the business is busy, another helper can handle it. However, it is understood that the cost of sugar cane juice is actually very low. Sugar cane is only sold for 3 yuan and 1 catty, and one kilogram of fresh sugar cane can be used to squeeze 6 to 7 two tons of water. In other words, the cost of a cup of sugar cane juice is only two or three yuan, but I didn't expect a cup of sugar cane juice to earn more than two yuan. Although it is a small business, the cost of setting up flowers is not high, and does not require much technical operation. Everyone can do this machine as soon as they learn it, so this small business is very popular in the local area, and many people make a lot of money by relying on this.
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