Sugarcane juicer

by:Hommy     2020-05-15
1 Classification of Sugarcane Juicer Hand-cranked sugarcane juicer Using all stainless steel shell, beautiful appearance; Juicing roller is made of stainless steel material, and the head parts are strictly rust-proof and imitation-corrosion treatment to ensure that the cane juice meets the international health standards. Electric sugar cane juicer The whole machine adopts a stainless steel fully enclosed structure, and a bagasse barrel can be built in to ensure that the juice is not leaked, safe, clean, and hygienic; it is designed with a gear reducer and equipped with an anti-vibration device, which greatly reduces the noise during the operation of the machine; additional activities The door makes cleaning and maintenance easier and simpler. 2 Instructions for using sugarcane juicer Steps The first step: Root cutting, head cutting, and peeling can be squeezed into one pound to two pounds, and one can squeeze 1 cup. The second step: sugarcane with a diameter of more than 30 mm needs to be broken into two squeezes to avoid overloading and pressing. The third step: if there is a load press stop, the electric type will immediately cut off the power supply and the roller can be reversed to pull the sugar cane out with the hand-driven transmission belt. The manual type can be directly shaken and reversed. The fourth step: drive gear, add proper amount of grease once a week. The fifth step: After pressing, rinse the rolls in time, install the juice box without sticky matter, and keep it clean. 3. Purchase of sugarcane juicer Appearance: Juicer is bought every day, and it is still very important to look at the appearance. There is also a difference between plastic and metal materials. The general durability and safety of metal will be better. Noise: If the juicer is plain, it is the motor that hits the fruit. Now the noise of the product is already acceptable. Basically, the noise of the squeeze type is acceptable. Friends who mind the noise can try it for themselves. Speed ??and power: The speed is fast, the power is large and the juice is juicy, but the corresponding noise problem comes out. Whether it is easy to clean: This is only used by those who have used it. Do n’t impulse to buy one that is not easy to clean, so the juicer is destined to become a waste machine. Haha, pay attention to the dreg storage compartment to see if it can be taken down for cleaning and so on. Quality and warranty: The quality mainly depends on the knife edge inside, the filter screen and so on. Warranty should also be considered, after all, this thing is not very popular in China, unlike TV, it will not be bad.
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