Space ice cream is about to go on sale in China! 99

by:Hommy     2020-04-19
Recently, the author learned that the 'space ice cream', which was only available to astronauts in the sky, is about to be sold across the Chinese market. Speaking of ice cream, everyone must be familiar with it. However, this ice cream product we are talking about today, I believe 99.99% of people have not eaten it. It is 'Space Ice Cream'-a space leisure food specially developed for astronauts, and a normal temperature ice cream that does not need to be refrigerated. That year, for the early Apollo space mission, NASA specifically invited food companies to develop this 'space ice cream' to meet the needs of astronauts to eat ice cream in the space capsule. In China, space ice cream was once displayed in the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum for public display, and was highly sought after by many Chinese consumers, especially space enthusiasts. From the product packaging point of view, this ice cream has a full 'space' sense of value: a female astronaut in a space capsule costume, with the main color of the outer packaging of the blue sky and white clouds, showing its cosmic style everywhere Space attributes. Attentive friends may find that in the outer packaging of the product, in addition to the distinctive image of the astronaut, we can also see the word 'sandwich'. Space sandwich ice cream? It sounds a bit complicated. In fact, 'space ice cream' does have relatively complex and diverse product attributes. On the one hand, it is as delicious as traditional ice cream, and it is also easy to store and carry like a sandwich. Everyone knows that there is no gravity in space and the food storage environment is not good. If it melts into liquid food, it will be very inconvenient to eat. For this reason, space ice cream is designed to be a solid that is not easy to liquefy, and allows small ice crystals in food to sublimate under low temperature and low pressure environments. Everyone may be curious, what is the taste of such a dehydrated freeze-dried ice cream? Overall, space ice cream is still the flavor of ice cream. After all, it was originally lyophilized from ice cream. But compared to ordinary ice cream, there will be less slippery feeling. However, it is worth mentioning that the product can be reduced by water, so the taste can also be adjusted during the reduction process. Consumers can decide according to their preferences: it can be cold and hot, thick and thin, and can even add flavoring ingredients. In addition, compared with traditional ice cream, space ice cream has a special advantage: it does not need to be placed in the refrigerator, and it can be taken out at any time-this seems impossible for traditional ice cream. Not only that, because it is stored at room temperature, this product also brings a new possibility to the ice cream market-all seasons. For traditional ice cream companies, the biggest pain is 'it's the off-season again'. Generally speaking, the seasonality of ice cream consumption is particularly strong. The main sales come in summer, but in the autumn and winter seasons, although consumers also want to take a bite of ice cream, it is difficult to accept its 'cool heart' cold stimulation. At this time, if you can eat a 'space ice cream' at room temperature, it may be a very good choice. From a market perspective, 'space ice cream' can also fill a gap in the ice cream market outside of summer. At present, according to the person in charge of Shanghai Space Food Sales Co., Ltd., the only company in China that has obtained an invention patent for 'room temperature ice cream technology', this 'space ice cream', once created for astronauts, will be launched in China in early 2020. Sell. According to reports, the upcoming space ice cream products are divided into classic three-color flavor, strawberry flavor, vanilla flavor, chocolate flavor and other flavors. At the same time, more space-based snack foods will be launched one after another. About Ice Cream Ice cream is made of drinking water, milk, milk powder, butter (or vegetable oil), sugar, etc. as the main raw materials, adding the right amount of food additives, the volume expansion after mixing, sterilization, homogenization, aging, freezing, hardening and other processes Frozen food.
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