Some installation and deployment knowledge of soft ice cream machine

by:Hommy     2019-12-06
The soft ice cream machine device and the application process are relatively simple. Let's buy it back and only need to put the discharge board and handle device to be able to use it normally. Many of my first-time friends advocate that our company's technicians teach you detailed correct operation methods and daily precautions for soft ice cream machines. I. Device of soft ice cream machine 1. The machine should be installed in a horizontal position with excellent heat dissipation and ventilation. The working table should be strong and avoid direct heat source and sunlight, each wind gate has 50 space with walls or similar obstacles. 2, the ambient temperature 5- 40 ° C, to ensure normal use, and maintain excellent ventilation, dry and clean. 3. Ensure that the operating voltage is the same as the voltage indicated by the nameplate on the machine. 4. In the process of machine handling or moving, skew is not allowed to exceed 45 degrees. 5. Connect the power cord from the machine to the power supply, and ensure that the yellow/green interphase line and the ground wire are firmly connected to ensure safe operation. Second, the application of soft ice cream machine and matters needing attention A, the share of powder and water must be standardized, and more water will cause damage to the machine mixer and belt. B, the slurry temperature entering the machine 3-35 ° C. C. The remaining slurry that has been refrigerated the next day cannot be directly put into the machine for manufacture. It should be used together with the new materials. Three, soft ice cream machine device problem 1, generally used in the domestic soft ice cream machine power requirements are mostly 220 V/50 HZ, if you want to bring domestic machines to foreign countries for use, you may bring foreign machines to domestic use. After acknowledging the corresponding electrical requirements, you need to purchase the corresponding converter to connect, before use, connect the wiring of the soft ice cream machine to three plugs, perhaps directly to the air switch. 2. When selecting the connecting plug, pay attention to the rated input power of the soft ice cream machine, generally 2. Machines Below 2KW use a 10 amp plug (10A plug)Yes, 2. 2KW-3. 5KW uses a 16 amp plug (16A plug) , Then the corresponding socket should use 10A or 16A socket, if the socket and plug do not match will not be able to connect up, if the power supply wiring below the rated current requirement is used, it may cause the power cord to heat up or short circuit. If you don't know much about electricity, you can find an electrician to help pick it up. Other soft ice cream machines using 380V power supply should be wired alone. Please admit that your application site can meet the wiring requirements before purchase. Four, soft ice cream machine refrigeration system Test 1, after the power supply wiring is completed, the next step is to be able to debug the soft ice cream machine. After the soft ice cream machine is cleaned, open the switch of the ice cream machine, the digital tube appears 00, press the start button (No discharge status) At the moment, the number on the LED digital display board of the soft ice cream machine will change, and the sound of the compressor will be heard in about 5 seconds. Then observe whether the number on the digital tube will change upward ( If it is a temperature-controlled digital tube, the temperature will change continuously) When the successive changes occur, it is stated that the refrigeration system is operating normally. At this moment, it should be stopped immediately, because long-term empty machine operation will form a frozen cylinder. 2. If there is no change for a long time, it is clarified that there is a problem with the refrigeration system or the control board circuit. About the soft ice cream machine without digital tube or the damage of the digital tube control circuit, the most effective way to check whether the refrigeration system is working normally is to distribute the valve body of the soft ice cream machine (Front receiving raft) Plug in, take out the mixing shaft, and start the operation by directly touching the refrigeration cylinder to feel the temperature change. 3. If the soft ice cream machine cools normally, it can directly pour the adjusted ice cream slurry into the machine for the initial manufacturing test machine. At this moment, the hardness of the ice cream needs to be adjusted, adjust the softness to the normal demand, and at this moment, you can carry out normal operation and sales operations.
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