Small sugar cane juicer

by:Hommy     2020-05-14
Many people have eaten sugarcane, but they do not eat it often because it is not available all year round. However, it is nutritious and good for the human body. In the summer, many people will buy freshly squeezed sugar cane juice to drink and refresh their thirst. If you do n’t want to buy it outside, you can buy a small sugar cane juicer and squeeze it at home. How to buy a small sugar cane juicer? What are the precautions for sugarcane juicer purchase? Let's take a look below. Small sugar cane juicer Sugarcane is a kind of temperate and tropical fruit that is rich in nutrients and can be used as medicine. If you like to drink sugar cane juice, you can buy a small sugar cane juicer for daily use. What are the characteristics of the small sugar cane juicer? 1. Beautiful appearance: Small sugarcane juicer is different from large sugarcane juicer, with beautiful appearance, simple and elegant, and easy to move. 2. Convenient operation: Although it can't squeeze several cups of juice at one time like a large sugar cane machine, it needs one cup to squeeze. 3. Cheap price: Compared with other electric juice extractors, sugar cane juice extractors are relatively cheap machines because they have a single function and cannot meet people's needs for a long time. 4. Durable: It will not be broken if used for a long time, so many people use it with confidence. To avoid damaging it, it is usually necessary to check it. 5. The cup material is good: the cup has high transparency, environmental protection and sanitation, and is durable. Use it to fill sugarcane juice, hygienic and safe. Purchase of small sugarcane juicer It is not difficult to buy a small sugar cane juicer, in addition to the preparation of money, you must also master skills. Otherwise, I feel sorry for buying poor quality products. How to choose a small sugar cane juicer? You may wish to look down: 1. Look at the type: the vertical sugarcane juicer operates at a moderate speed, and the juice extraction rate is of a medium level; the tabletop sugarcane juicer is lighter than the vertical sugarcane juicer, but the operating speed is slow; the battery sugarcane juicer voltage Low, low power, medium output. After understanding, you can choose according to your preferences. 2. Look at the brand: The brand is closely related to the quality of the product. No matter what type of sugar cane juicer you buy, you must choose a product of a well-known brand, because its quality and after-sales service are fully guaranteed. 3. Look at the quality: check the quality of the product, check whether the appearance is good, whether the parts are complete, and whether there is strong noise. If the quality of the product is not satisfactory, a new product should be replaced. 4. Look at the price: the same brand, different products have different prices, because the parts and processes used are different. Generally, the price of a good sugar cane juicer is higher. If you can accept it, try to buy a better juicer. 5. Ease of use: Operate it again to see if the whole process is smooth. If there is no problem, you can use it as required. Use of small sugar cane juicer After buying a small sugar cane juicer, the focus is on use. If the experience is not good when used, many people will leave it aside. In order to avoid poor user experience, the correct method should be followed. How about a small sugar cane juicer? You can look down: The first step is to remove the head of fresh sugar cane, peel it, and take the part under the skin. Usually, a piece of sugar cane can squeeze a cup of sugar cane juice. In the second step, split the peeled sugar cane into halves and place it in a juicer to extract juice, or follow the instructions on the instructions. The third step, if there is an abnormality in the juicer, stop using it immediately, cut off the power, pull the belt manually, take out the unsqueezed sugar cane, or pour out all the dregs. The fourth step, if the juice has been squeezed, pour the sugar cane juice into the glass, add ice cubes to drink, if you don't want to drink cold, just drink it directly. The fifth step is to clean the juiced machine and store it in a ventilated and dry place. Wait for it to dry slowly, taking care not to be exposed to the sun. Maintenance of small sugar cane juicer In addition to using sugarcane juicers in the correct way, daily maintenance is also required. Generally, there are many maintenance methods. You may wish to continue to look down, I believe there will be gains. Method 1: Self-examination before use Before each use, carefully check the machine to see if the parts are aging and damaged, whether the power cord is loose, if it is, repair it and then turn on. Method 2: Place it correctly Place the sugar cane juicer not very close to the water source, there is no stove next to it, and there are no flammable materials. The house is well ventilated and the sunlight is not too strong. Method 3: wash after use Every time you use it, remember to clean it. If you forget it, wash it immediately when you think about it, and do n’t drag it all the time. This will only make it smell strange. Method 4: Regular maintenance The machine will occasionally be damaged. If the sugar cane juicer is broken, it should be repaired in a professional store. It is best not to disassemble and repair it by yourself. Method 5: Aftercare If the sugar cane juicer has been damaged once, it is best not to use it immediately. It should be left for a day and then taken out again. This will avoid overloading the machine. Juicing by small sugarcane juicer The sugarcane juicer is built to cater to the modern people's health and sanitation diet, and can extract natural sugarcane juice to meet people's drinking needs. If you already have one at home, use it to squeeze juice. How to squeeze sugar cane juice? What can't sugarcane juice be mixed with? Sugarcane juice practice Raw materials: Sugarcane quantity Method: Cook the sugarcane, cut into small pieces, put it in the juicer, and extract the juice. If there is residue, you can filter the juice with a filter. Then, add seasoning according to your own taste and drink, or you can drink it directly without adding seasoning. What can't sugarcane juice be mixed with? 1. Fish shoots After eating the fish shoots, you cannot drink sugarcane juice, because if you eat the two together, it is not good for the human body. 2. Liquor Drinking white wine and then drinking sugar cane juice has the effect of hangover, but it is easy to produce phlegm, so it is best not to mix them together. 3. Wine It is best not to drink wine with sugar cane juice, because sugar cane and grapes are absorbed by the body, which will reduce the absorption of copper in the body.
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