Seven ways to eat ice cream

by:Hommy     2019-12-17
Nowadays, many people are keen on desserts, especially ice cream, which has become a kind of delicious food that is very popular all year round. Today HOMMY will recommend several new ways to eat ice cream for everyone! Ice cream + dried fruit, strong push! Sprinkle almonds, walnuts, pine nuts, peanuts and other dried fruits into the ice cream, absolutely full of crispy and sweet. Ice cream + cake, striped ice cream cake made with favorite ice cream flavor and cake, just put the ice cream in the cake, press it and cut the Edge part neatly. If the teeth are good and the stomach is good and the pursuit of stimulation, you can also heat the cake into the ice cream and then send it to the entrance. Ice cream + muffin ice cream and muffins are actually more common. They are sold in dessert shops in large and small coffee shops. I believe everyone has eaten them too. The focus of Ice Cream Muffins is how to match the plate, it is very important to use different flavors of ice cream and skillfully match colors. Ice cream + Pizza, after a pizza skin without ingredients is baked, apply a thick layer of ice cream on the top of the hot air, and add various ingredients. The taste is also very special. Pizza is thicker and harder, so you can choose a denser ice cream. The taste is also recommended to be thicker, such as chocolate, which will make the overall taste even better. Ice cream + coffee is actually snow top coffee. If the ice cream is thick, it is recommended to dig into a ball and put it into the coffee. The amount is just half floating on the coffee surface, generally speaking, coffee with milk, vanilla and chocolate tastes are absolutely harmonious. If you want to be curious, you can also try ice cream with various tropical fruit flavors. Ice cream + candy, add candy or chocolate beans or marshmallows to the ice cream, freely match and design, the colorful colors can most attract children and adults with childlike innocence. If it is placed on a relatively hard ice cream, you can thaw it a little to soften it, and then you can set what you want. Ice cream + chocolate, chocolate is perfect for almost all flavors of ice cream, heating chocolate and pouring into the ice cream, the air conditioning makes the chocolate paste quickly solidify, and the wonderful pattern is quickly formed, let's start enjoying it.
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