Selection of materials in contact with food in Food Machinery

by:Hommy     2019-12-06
With the development of food industry, the issue of food hygiene is becoming more and more important. Since the materials in contact with food directly determine the hygienic condition of food, in the process of food processing and packaging, the first consideration is the materials in contact with food, can't have any pollution to food. Here, the materials related to food are discussed in order to further improve the hygiene of food processing and packaging. Apart from considering that these materials do not pollute food, it is also necessary to have a certain sealing and quality guarantee effect on the packaged food. The use of metal materials in contact with food will be corroded by acid, alkali and salt, and then contact with food after being corroded will pollute the food. Therefore, metal materials in contact with food are used to stainless steel. In addition, when food comes into contact with stainless steel in high temperature environment, the content of lead and nickel in stainless steel materials should also be considered. The use of non-metallic materials can be replaced by other materials instead of stainless steel from the perspective of cost and hygiene. The suitable material at present is polypropylene. Compared with stainless steel, it has advantages in corrosion resistance and cost, but it is not as good as stainless steel in stress and surface hardness, and can be used instead of stainless steel in many parts of food machinery. In addition, ceramics and other materials can also be considered in areas in contact with food. Biodegradable packaging materials, which have the same functions as ordinary plastics when used and can be decomposed into low molecular compounds by microorganisms after use, finally, it is decomposed into inorganic polymer materials such as water and carbon dioxide. Packaging materials that can keep fresh. When packaging food, such materials can cover the surface of food according to their properties, so that food can be isolated from bacteria, thus prolonging the shelf life of food, such materials are regarded as fresh-keeping packaging materials. Edible packaging materials do not affect the flavor of food, are safe to human body, and have certain nutritional value. Materials that can be eaten together with food after food packaging are edible packaging materials. This kind of material is made of starch and the like as base materials, which can be eaten and digested. It can be directly coated on the surface of food or packaged after uncovering the film, and can achieve the functions of preservation, light resistance and moisture resistance.
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