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Robot ice cream machine


With the increase of family Engel coefficient, more and more families spend more and more on desserts to relieve heat and thirst, and the ice cream market ushers in a big explosion. At present, ice cream has developed into a consumer category with many categories and various prices. With the rise of new retail in China, ice cream vending machines are also recognized by more and more consumer groups.

When ice cream vending machines entered China in the early days, there were few kinds of ice cream vending machines, which mainly sold snacks and drinks. With the upgrading of social consumption and the change of consumer habits, Hommy will turn its attention to the new channel of vending machine. Ice cream vending machine with low cost, high efficiency, small floor retail way, let many enterprises use it for channel upgrade. Take the ice cream vending machine as an example, its appearance is unexpected surprise for many enterprises undergoing transformation and upgrading.

In addition to the cost advantage, ice cream vending machine has its own personalized taste choice, cheaper price than brand ice cream shop, and intelligent management system, which has more and more advantages in the market competition. As a new kind of vending machine, ice cream vending machine is also the most effective brand promotion media. It provides a very favorable communication space for the promotion of ice cream brand and enables consumers to remember the brand quickly in a short time.

At present, in China, Hommy ice cream vending machine has gained a good reputation, attracting a group of young consumers to punch in. For the franchisees who want to dig gold with vending machines, Hommy diversified products can meet the demand.

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