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Reliable hard ice cream machine


Product specification  :

Italian gelato ice cream machine

Product Features :

¨ Compressors from global brand Tecumseh , function in steady state.

¨ Powerful electromotor, power up to 5000W.

¨ Fresh new design of double grooved pulley, stable rotation, low noise, low vibration, no slippage.  Operating life of the belt is 75% longer than old design.  And the ice cream machine function is far more stable than national standard.

¨ Apply latest research achievement,  strengthen the thickness of the foam layer, provide better insulation and save more energy, keeps the ice cream in certain temperature, maintain the original flavor.

¨Pure copper evaporator makes heat transfer faster, enhance the efficiency.

¨ Big fan blades keep the noise to lowest level while provide enough air volume.

¨Latest operation system,  the operation of the machine at a glance.

Product Advantage:

1. Highly wear resistant stirring rod, imported food grade material, put an end to thermal expansion and contraction, reduce scraping cylinder void, make ice cream taste more delicate and smooth.

commercial gelato ice cream machine

2. The stainless steel throat block is clean and hygienic, with high sealing degree, simple operation and beautiful appearance.

automatic gelato machine

3. The control panel clearly shows the progress of the production, and the time for each production can be set.

high quality gelato machine

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