Refrigeration equipment display freezer in 2013 - growth space 【 Hommy freezers 】

by:Hommy     2020-07-15
In 2012 as the competition focus to display freezer refrigeration equipment, and refrigeration equipment sales channel presented diversified development trend. However, given the display freezer sales model of virtual sex and particularity, refrigeration equipment after-sales service mode. Including product experience, the problem such as logistics distribution, door-to-door, installation and after-sales service will put forward higher request to display freezer. According to the survey found that the current mode of refrigeration equipment after-sales service is facing: too dependent on logistics, complicated operation procedure, poor after-sales service professional, after-sale responsibilities distribution with the manufacturers, and other issues. Display freezer become a major disaster area of after-sale complaints, and refrigeration equipment is freezer after-sales problem of top priority. As a result, the special after-sales channel such as freezer pattern become elements affecting the development of flat TV after another. ZhiLengShi display freezer: by the low temperature evaporator looks natural convection, reduce the temperature in the cabinet, but the temperature is not uniform. Relatively save electricity, under the same volume, large effective volume. Straight cold technology has the advantage of low interest, good preservation effect and low power consumption, but not withdrawable type display freezer sometimes need artificial defrost. Straight type cold display cabinet freezer low power consumption, low noise, low price, refrigerated food preservation; Slow and poor temperature uniformity. Mainly composed of Chinese and European markets. Air cooling technology of display freezers without defrosting, clean and relaxed, the cooling by air duct forced into space, contained in the cycle, temperature uniformity. Automatic defrost the humidity is low, the freezer refrigeration even achieve accurate temperature control, and display freezer between food won't freeze together, greatly reducing the changing phenomenon of each other. Lack of interest is bigger in air cooling technology, power consumption is higher; Food drying dehydration, suitable for wet areas. Display freezer power consumption is higher than ZhiLengShi, under the same volume, effective volume is small. Consumer is a rational choice of refrigeration equipment, display freezer product if you are not in cycle, it's hard to consumers because subsidies and replaced easily, so just rely on subsidies consumption is not a long-term solution. Promotions policy after retire, display freezer and car companies how to? In addition to continue to explore overseas markets, in the domestic display freezer market priority should be to point to upgrade requirements, refrigeration equipment companies should especially so. So, because in terms of the national average, both urban and rural areas, most display freezers product ownership is saturated or close to saturation, upgrade is increasingly becoming the lion's share of the demand. China refrigeration equipment, the highest freezer industry marketization, actually don't need too much policy intervention, and show the freezer to the countryside, in the first round with old change new policy of stimulating domestic demand has been overdrawn refrigeration equipment industry in the next few years the growth space. Display freezer bosses say will affect the new subsidy policy in 2013, is expected to policy will not smooth
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