Reduce refrigerated display cabinet power consumption, increase the service life of the refrigerated display cabinet

by:Hommy     2020-07-09
Rated current of the refrigerated display cabinet in strict accordance with the instructions indicated to select the fuse specifications, does not have insurance effect too much, too little is often broken. Refrigerated display cabinet after the downtime to have more than 3 minutes time interval to restarting, otherwise may burn down compressor. Glass display cases to avoid refrigerated display cabinet under the condition of high temperature operation for a long time. When the temperature is always above 30 ℃, refrigerated display cabinet is in high load and overload operation for a long time, so it is easy to malfunction, will at least reduce the working life. Want to refrigerated display cabinet when using electricity savings, long service life, the most important is to reduce the working time of refrigerated display cabinet and work pressure. Such as hot food should not be directly into the refrigerated display cabinets, or increase the temperature inside ark, compressor to work for a long time, conditions allow naturally cooled to room temperature in the refrigerated display cabinet. 如果- - - - - - Type D characteristics of air curtain cabinet in refrigerated display cabinet items should not be too full, be sure to leave space for air circulation, more can not block the outlet. According to the experiment, the accumulation of refrigerated display cabinet items, the more the greater the power consumption. For refrigerated display cabinet itself, first of all, will be in a cool ventilated place, should not have direct sunlight, also want to facilitate heat dissipation. Should not be near the refrigerated display cabinet put too dense, the top also cannot put stuff. Refrigerated display cabinet is in use, the cupboard door cannot be opened or regular open for long, can effectively reduce the loss of inside air conditioning and reduces the work time and power consumption of refrigerated display cabinet, to increase the service life of refrigerated display cabinet.
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