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Puffing rate, one of the important indicators

by:Hommy     2020-05-27
??What is the puffing rate of ice cream? The puffing rate of ice cream means that when the aged mixture freezes, tiny air bubbles are mixed in the mixture to expand its volume, and the percentage of volume increase is the puffing rate of ice cream. After the ice cream mixture is frozen and expanded, the quality of the ice cream is greatly improved and improved. Because the ice cream contains many tiny bubbles, the ice cream tastes soft and smooth, and the product stability is also improved. Air is a poor conductor of heat. Because many tiny bubbles are evenly dispersed in the ice cream, the heat conduction effect is greatly reduced, the anti-melting resistance is enhanced, the taste is good and it is not easy to melt. ??Puffing rate is a very important indicator to measure the quality of ice cream, because it can objectively reflect the comprehensive conditions of ice cream recipes, processes, etc., and directly affect the economic benefits of the product. The excellent puffing rate makes the ice cream soft and smooth, delicate in texture, and has a mellow and lasting flavor. In fact, the higher the puffing rate is, the better. If the puffing rate is too high, the product structure will be soft, the melting resistance will be reduced, and the product shape will be easily deformed. If the puffing rate is too low, the ice cream is hard and has a bad taste. Therefore, a proper puffing rate is crucial to the taste of ice cream. ??In the production of ice cream, improving its puffing rate is a very important process. Three factors must be coordinated: the quality of raw materials is good, the ice cream machine is excellent, and the operator must be experienced. The following is a detailed analysis of the three important factors that affect the puffing rate of ice cream: 1. Influence of raw materials: Ingredients such as milk fat, non-milk fat solids, sugar, emulsifier stabilizer, eggs, cream, compound stabilizer, etc. all have an effect on the puffing rate of ice cream. For example, the higher the milk fat content in the mixture, the higher the viscosity of the mixture. If the viscosity is too high, it is not easy to mix in the air, so the expansion rate is generally best when the milk fat content is 6% -12%. Therefore, the choice of raw materials is very important. ?2. The impact of equipment: ?① The speed of the ice cream machine is not fast, and the air cannot be mixed into the mixture as soon as possible, resulting in a decrease in the expansion rate. ?②The scraper of the ice cream machine is not sharp, and the frozen ice cream cannot be scraped off in time. If the distance between the scraper and the cylinder wall is too large, the puffing rate is also reduced. ?③ There is something wrong with the puffing tube or puffing pump, so you can't blow the air into the ice cream machine, which will reduce the puffing rate. The ice cream ice cream machine uses a European-style puffing pump, which can adjust the air intake of multiple gears, the puffing rate can reach 35%, and the taste is delicate and smooth. ?3. Incorrect operation process will also affect the expansion rate: ?① The aging time of the mixture is well controlled. The aging of the mixture can increase the viscosity, cause hydration of fats, proteins and stabilizers, reduce the moisture in the mixture, prevent the formation of large ice crystals during freezing, and thus increase the expansion rate. ?② If the mixture is poured into the ice cream machine, if the temperature is too high, it is difficult for the air to enter stably, which affects the expansion rate.
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