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by:Hommy     2020-07-06
Display of air-conditioner installation position and the principle of air-conditioner installation location choice principle have? Air-conditioner installation to avoid heat source, hot air exhaust and noise should not affect the neighbors. The installation height should be lower than outdoor indoor machine, which is beneficial to frozen oil circulation. The installation should be no outdoor hot short circuit loop, so as not to affect the cooling; Installation position should be conducive to maintenance, easy to drain and shall not affect the passers-by, avoid or away from the high tension line, the places where radiation and flammable and explosive place. What are the main of air-conditioner installation accessories? 1. Connecting pipe, connecting pipe of air-conditioner installation with refers to pipe for connection of air-conditioner in the house, usually by a certain strength and toughness, and after annealing treatment of high quality brass. To ensure the normal use of air-conditioner, the connection tube should be dry, clean and no leakage. 2. Fittings: connecting pipe connection with, the house, usually use forged brass nut. Nut is good or bad will directly affect the leakage problems of air-conditioner. Factory provide the copper nut are on opposite sides of the copper tube, has been manufacturing quality inspection acceptance, ensures the connection, the house. 3. Installation: installation is air-conditioner installation can achieve a goal, and guarantee for normal and safe operation. Found in hot and humid, or special area ( Such as SuanYu District) The installation of the parts, more attention should be paid to the environment and a comprehensive consideration. Installation including mounting bracket, fasteners, etc. Among them, the mounting bracket is the most critical bearing parts, should fully consider the bearing strength, corrosion resistance and wind resistance, etc. , but also more Yu Xiuli; Fasteners, usually use bolts. Expansion bolt used six specifications for at least 10 mm x 100 mm, more than 4500 w. Outdoor use no less than 8, the specification is 10 mm x 100 mm of bolts. 4. The electrical wiring in the electrical wiring of air-conditioner and indoor and outdoor signal connection for neoprene sheath line, line diameter should be chosen according to the standard. 5. Piping insulation sheath connecting pipe heat preservation is very important, insulating sheath is usually set on the connecting pipe matching supply. If no matching, the need to choose foam insulation materials and thickness according to the requirements of technical appropriate sheath, attention should be paid to consider the aging resistance of the material itself and wet resistance can. The above article is derived from the snow freezers, offers a variety of medical freezers, freezer price, supermarket freezers, convenience stores, freezers, industrial, hotels, cake, stainless steel, etc. Series of air-conditioner, for details, please login: air-conditioner at https://www. hommy。 Com free order hotline: 400 - 6300 - 692
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