Precautions for using ice cream machine, how to use ice cream machine?

by:Hommy     2019-12-30
Ice cream is a relatively intensive machine, especially in the store every day, many buyers see the cooling function on the fuselage, this function is to keep the temperature inside the ice cream machine at about 5 degrees to 10 degrees, which plays a role in keeping fresh, but many buyers have a misunderstanding, thinking that it can be cleaned without cleaning, in fact, this is not right. The internal structure of the ice cream machine is easier to hide dirt. The most important thing in the food industry is Hygiene. If the ice cream is not cleaned up overnight, eating the next day is very likely to cause food poisoning and other symptoms. In addition, summer is a season of bacterial growth. If the ice cream machine is not cleaned up in time, the dirty ice cream in the machine will ooze water, this will indirectly pollute the ice cream machine, and the contaminated ice cream will also blacken the freshly baked products the next day, affecting sales.
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