Precautions for ice cream machine operation

by:Hommy     2019-12-19
Cold drink ice cream has become an indispensable food in our life because of its variety, color and taste, which can meet different consumer needs and is loved by consumers. Ice cream is made by an ice cream machine, which makes ice cream powder or ice cream milk into an ice cream machine. How to use the ice cream machine correctly to make its working life longer? Let's discuss some precautions: 1. Water and other conductive objects are prohibited from entering the ice cream machine to prevent damage to the machine; 2. When the ice cream machine is transported and used in peacetime, the angle of inclination cannot exceed 45 degrees; 3. The work of the ice cream machine is that the foreign matter cannot be inserted into the air inlet and the inlet; 4. When there is no raw material in the cooling bar of the ice cream machine, the machine cannot be empty, otherwise the mixer will be easily damaged; 5. The ice cream machine needs to operate indoors. It needs to keep the room well ventilated and avoid direct sunlight. The air inlet needs to keep a distance of more than from obstacles.
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