Pizza sauce and choice Pizza training knowledge

by:Hommy     2020-07-16
1. Problem: make pizza pizza sauce must be used? Answer: no provisions must be used to make pizza pizza sauce, you can also use other flavors of rich sauce with different taste. 2. Question: what kind of sauce is suitable for making pizza? Answer: pizza sauce a lot for the production, the key principle is fabricated and the pizza, such as making the sweet taste of pizza, cannot use salty sauce, otherwise it will cause the sauce and stuffing the taste of conflict, is usually used to improve the filling flavors of soy sauce production. 3. Question: please tell me some suitable for making pizza sauce or case answer: such as regular pizza, Hawaii, for example, can be made using traditional tomato juice. And such as make sweet fruit pizza, can use white sauce or jam. To make black pepper beef, pizza, for example, you can use black pepper sauce as a sauce to highlight black pepper flavor, seafood pizza can be used like hills kwai sauce, seafood sauce, etc. 4. Question: is there any special requirements for the sauce? Answer: use the sauce should be fresh without peculiar smell, and moisture cannot too much, otherwise it will cause too many baked pizza out of the water filling too dilute effect taste. And sauce to use can't taste conflict and toping.
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